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Power, Love, and Self Control

I'm not going to lie. Early today, I was a mess. I'm a very 'scheduled' person. And I'm currently at a place in my life of real uncertainty about some situations and it's totally stressing me out. I'm trying to 'get a grip'. But when Lil Man didn't nap today, I loaded us up in the car and drove to Sonic. He fell asleep on the way home. So I found myself sitting in the car, in front of the house, eating a ginormous Oreo blast. Who knew a 'large' was so large. But there I sat, stuffing my face full of sugary gooeyness. Two hours later, I'm irritated that I did that because I'm in 'training'. Granted, I'm just running a 10 miler, but a race is still a race. And my training runs may be difficult to get through this weekend with my lack of dietary nutrition these last couple of days. I should probably come clean that today my breakfast was pretty much brownie batter donuts. But, my internet friends, just because today

Boys' Toddler New Balance 890 Velcro Running Shoes Review From Finish Line

  As you know, my Lil Man (who will be 3 soon) is always on the go. And he needs a shoe that can keep up with him. And if you've been following then you know that Lil Man definitely has his own opinions about what he likes and doesn't like.  When I opened the box of New Balance 890 Velcro Running Shoes from Finish Line , Lil Man was more than thrilled. He yelled "Blue! Blue!" And, he promptly put them on and didn't want to take them off.  I loved the color and style. And I loved that they had shoe strings, but with a velcro closure where Lil Man could put the shoes on himself.  I also liked the deep tread. This winter it will help with the snow/ice. And this summer it will help him keep traction when running at the playground.  After trying on his shoes, Lil Man refused to take them off. I feel that the Boys' Toddler New Balance 890 Velcro Running Shoes  from Finish Line are sturdy, well-made, and will hold up to the dem

You Thought The Terrible Two's Were Bad, Welcome To The Age Of Three

It's like overnight that Lil Man woke up with an "I do" attitude. No, really... it's like he went to bed one night, and woke up the next day demanding that he not receive help with anything . If I went to put his coat on, I was met with "I do. I do". If I went to get his food, it was "I do. I do." I understand that he is expanding his need for independence. But seriously this stuff isn't easy. And shortly after the "I do's" came the strong-willed, it's my way or no way attitude. And if he didn't want to do it, well he just wouldn't. I'll say it again, this stuff isn't easy. In fact, it's down right difficult. You wouldn't think that the stubbornness of a 3 year old could make a grown woman feel so inadequate, but trust me it can. And it can make you cry too. And maybe even cuss a little when they aren't around. And I've been known to hit the Hershey's syrup bottle (straight from the bot

Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand Review

  If you are like most households now-a-days, at least one member (if not more) of the family has a tablet. And as Lil Man is getting older, we are using our tablet more and more. But one thing about our tablet that I didn't like was having to hold it all of the time, especially if I was watching a TV show or movie. It got very tiring very quick to hold the tablet through an hour long show or much less a longer movie. But this little device, the Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand , has solved my problem with having to told the tablet. Check this out. It is a multi-angle, rotating tablet stand. It's light, easy to fold, and easy to move from room to room. In addition to holding my tablet for viewing movies, it will also make reading recipes much easier. Because I can place my tablet on the stand, I can glance over and see my recipe without having to pick up my tablet to view it. And another awesome part about the Kantek Rotating Desktop Table Stand

Fresh Breath Fresh Beats

Disclosure: Product Compensated Post February is Fresh Breath Awareness Month. Did you know that? I honestly didn't. Well, Sunstar Gum is having a Facebook Sweepstakes from February 10 - February 21 .  Here are a few details:  Each day they are giving away GUM oral care products and a variety of other gifts such as Beats by Dre earphones and iTunes gift cards. If a contestant gets 5 or more friends to sign up, they will send the contestant a GUM Dual Action Tongue Cleaner! The direct link to enter is     Do your friends a favor, give them a breath of fresh air, and enter to win the Fresh Breath Fresh Beats Facebook sweepstakes.  Full Disclosure: I received a prize pack  free of charge in exchange for writing this post. 

Winter Of All Winters

If you know me or have been following my blog, then you probably know that I'm from MS and currently live in PA. (and if you didn't know, well you do now :) And I love snow. I'm not a huge fan of driving in it (ok, so maybe I freak a little). But I love the white stuff. Come winter, I check the weather numerous times a day to see what the forecast is or if it's changed. And this Winter has been one to remember that's for sure. It seems like every week or every other we've had some snow. And this week, we got 10" on top of the snow that we already had. And we have more projected for this weekend. My Lil Man loves the snow. And he loves watching his daddy with the snow blower. And he loves seeing the snow plow.  So this has been a fun Winter for him. And I'm glad. I had hoped we'd get a lot of snow this winter. The downside is the school delays and closings. I will admit that hasn't been fun. How did I manage getting everything done befor

Tonguespank Spice - Do You Like It Hot?

When I first heard of Tonguespank spices, I thought it was just another spice that you used when cooking. WRONG! Tonguespank spices are condiments that are used much like salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and hot sauce. I think you get the picture. In their literature, it states that one of their best comparisons would be "dry hot sauces". And this is what peaked my interest in trying their product.   Hubby puts hot sauce on everything. So I thought this might be a nice alternative for us. We tried the Smoky Bourbon Table Blend and the Garlic Grappa Table Blend from the Liquor & Heat Collection (based on liquor-infused hot peppers).  My first impression was wow the Smoky Bourbon smells hot, and the Garlic Grappa had a less intense pepper smell, very pleasant, but I could still smell a little of the 'heat'.  I stir fried some chicken, and we gave it a go. Hubby went right in and sprinkled the Smoky Bourbon on his chicken. I was a little mo

The One Standing Outside The Conversation

I'm not going to lie, Friday I pretty much had a meltdown. The day began with having to register my son for preschool. Registration was at 8:45am, but I had been told that if I wanted to get him into class that I needed to be there ridiculously early, and I mean ridiculously early. I got there at 6:30am and I was already number 16. But as I sat there alone in my cold car, I couldn't help but feel the crushing feeling of just how alone (other than my husband and son) that I am here. I've tried hard to make friends, but I seem to always feel as though I'm the one standing outside the conversation, if that makes sense . I do have my small circle of running friends that I connect with for running/fitness. Although I've been injured so that's left me a little out of the loop, although they have tried their best to keep me connected. Hopefully now that I am recovering, I will be joining them again for some runs. But, without going into too much detail. Friday left

Mother's Therapy Organics Review and GIVEAWAY

Those of you that know me know that I am the "Queen of hand sanitizer". Yes, I'm the lady you see wiping down the shopping carts. It's not uncommon for me to use hand sanitizer maybe 5 times during a shopping trip. Then I always use it once I'm back to my car after I've moved all of my purchases into my car. I know, a little obsessive  - tell me something I don't know. When it comes to Lil Man, I always wipe his hands with a face wipe once we are back in the car after shopping. Hey, it's me. It's who I am. I'm a wee bit of a germ phoebe. So when I heard about Mother's Therapy Organics , I was eager to give it a try. I was given the opportunity to try Mother Therapy Organics Hand Sanitizer and Germ Fight'n Hand Lotion. Let's start with the Mother Therapy Organics Hand Sanitizer. Image Source I'm used to alcohol based hand sanitizers. In fact, it's the only kind I will use. So I liked that this was 62% alcohol,