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Squirrel Hunting, November 28

Today was fun. Instead of joining the crowded shopping malls, I decided to go hunting with HG instead. HG and I went up near State College squirrel hunting. I was surprised at how much snow was still on the ground there. I was a little nervous because we were meeting a friend of HG, and I’ve never hunted with anyone other than HG. I was worried that I would ‘miss’ too many times. As we were walking over the snow covered path, Shorty started barking at something on the ground. HG knew what it was immediately, but I didn’t know what it was until he told Shorty to leave the raccoon alone. It was my first time to see a raccoon before (other than the occasional dead one on the highway). He was curled up and I didn't recognize what it was. After a little while walking, we saw a squirrel. I told HG to get it as it was on his side. As he walked around the tree the squirrel moved, and I was able to take a good shot at it. They told me to go ahead and I did. With one shot, I got him. Once ag

Thankgiving Day 2008

So HG and I weren’t able to go see our families for Thanksgiving. He didn’t want me to cook and he said he’d take me to a buffet. Well, as he pulled up the restaurant, I was telling him that the writing looked Chinese/Japanese/something other than American. He decided we should go in anyway because he saw the ad in the paper that they would be serving Turkey. I glanced at the ad. It said a ‘seafood buffet would be also be serving Turkey’. When we walked in the smell hit me – fish and not in a good way. He still decided to check it out. The one turkey looked as though it had been picked clean by vultures. The smell was nauseating to me as I am not one who likes seafood. I told him it would be ok. I would just eat dessert or something. He said what do you want to do and I said we could stay. But as I looked around at all of the foreigners and the strange food, I told him could we please try somewhere else. We ended up at a country buffet and I finally got my turkey and buttered rolls. I

My First True Hunting Expereince

I had been hunting with my husband numerous times, but I’d always been as a spectator, not a participator. This year I wanted to learn how to shoot a gun. My husband encouraged me to go to a Hunter Safety course and get my hunting license. I completed the course on 8-9-08. This past Saturday, November 1, HG took me out squirrel hunting. We’d gone a previous weekend, but I never used my gun as we didn’t really see any squirrels. This Saturday there were less leaves and more squirrels. With the first squirrel we saw I was so nervous I was shaking. I could spot the squirrel on the tree, but I couldn’t see it through the scope. In fact, every time I looked through the scope it was black, and I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t find the squirrel. The squirrel started to move and I told HG to go ahead and take it. Defeated and deflated was how I felt. Maybe this isn’t for me? Maybe I wasted my time taking the class and I’m just not cut out for this? We continued walking through the woods and

Sunday, November 2

HG and I had a good day today. While he was reading the Sunday paper, I ran 3.14 miles. Afterward, I cooked us breakfast (eggs on English muffins) and then we got dressed to go shopping. We went to Cabelas. It was like going to an amusement park. The traffic was insane. The crowd was insane. And the merchandise was impressive. HG made me drive as he is trying to get me comfortable driving in traffic and on interstates. I made it just fine with the traffic. We had one incident (of me wanting to go to Wendys for food) and I took the wrong turn. But overall, it has been a good day. Back to work tomorrow. I'm hoping to know something this week, but time will tell. Until next time...