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Well.. I survived day 1 on the job without having someone there to train me. It was intense as I had my first contract come in today, but it appears that I did ok. Time will tell. :)


Cold, cold, cold... the wind chill today was below zero. We woke up Saturday to what they said would be a dusting of snow. Instead, it was a suprise to see this... :)

- Ice -

For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m not a big fan of ‘ice’. I told HG that I needed a can of de-icer. He laughed and so did the others around us in the aisle at Wal-mart. However, to appease me, he bought a can. The first icing event, I put on my cute snow boots, went out to my car and proceeded to ‘de-ice’ the windshield. Now would be a good time to mention that I did not anticipate the time necessary to ‘de-ice’ a vehicle. An HOUR later, and an entire can of de-icer gone, my windshield wipers were still inoperable. So, I did what any southern girl with little patience would do, I took my pretty purple ice scraper and began beating the wipers, as if to punish them for causing me so much frustration. Frustrated, I came back inside and call my husband. He patiently proceeded to tell me to possibly try warm water. After speaking with him, I considered this, but it would involve time on my part and I was short on time. I proceeded to beat my wipers until they gave up the ice. I’m sure