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And We Survived

Wow, I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post. So sorry to those who follow me, and have been curious as to my whereabouts :) I've been super busy with my freelance work. Between that and Lil Man starting pre-school, there hasn't been much free time to post. Actually there hasn't been a lot of free time lately for much of anything. But I'm hoping that we going to find our 'groove' soon with pre-school and family schedules. I was very emotional on his first day of pre-school. I think he shed a few tears, but honestly I think I shed the majority of them. After leaving him in his room, I made a quick exit to the restroom to bawl my eyes out and compose myself before walking out of the building. I clung to my phone like a life source in case they called me. But with each 15 minute increments that passed, I felt myself starting to relax. Before the 2.5 hours was over, I realized that the time really went by quick. We are on our 2nd fu