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Feel All the Feels Then Deal

Not what I expected when the phone rang. It was a routine dermatology appointment.  "Do you have any concerns?" “Yes, a small spot on my face. It comes and goes. Two weeks ago it had disappeared (again). So I'm actually glad that it’s back.”  It was the size of a pin head. It was teeny tiny. A nuisance, but not something that really seemed to bother me. “I suspect that it’s skin cancer.”  “So, we just burn if off, right?” “No, it needs to be cut out and sent to the lab.” I was not prepared for this. It’s on my lip! She’s going to cut a hole in my lip! She warns me that the shot is going to hurt and possibly a lot. She tells me this several times. (I’m thinking surely it can’t be that bad.)  I was wrong.  It hurt.  A lot.  I’m creeped out at the thoughts of her taking a chunk off of my face at the top of my lip. I’m even more creeped out as she tells me she’s going to burn it to stop the bleeding. Time and time again I hear the sizzle and the smell is nauseating. I’m tryin

It's Been a Hot Minute

It's been a hot minute since I've written anything.... over a year. Between being a mom, full time student, and a substitute teacher during a pandemic, writing hasn't been a priority. More than once,  I've felt like I was in survival mode with classes. I didn't expect early block  to be so intense.  I admit that I broke down and cried several times this semester with feeling overwhelmed. But, I endured until the end, and I got straight A's for the semester. I'm proud of myself that I didn't give up. I am enrolled in 2 summer class, and 4 fall classes and studying for standardized tests that I must pass before I can begin my student internship.  I will be close to 50 when I graduate. Am I too old to do this? Who starts a career at 50????? I guess I do. I don't know what's going to happen when I graduate. I do know that I am enjoying the course work, and I'm enjoying being able to put what I have learned into practice as a substitute.  This sch