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Pumpkin Patch

What fun we had! Lil Man wasn't that impressed with the pumpkin patch, but he seemed to love the corn maze. He kept peeking through the stalks to try to see what was on the other side. It was beyond cute. I love fall and watching my Lil Man explore life. However, his 'exploring' has got us into trouble a time or two. Once, in a store that I will not mention, in a time that I will not add, Lil Man pushed the 'alarm' button in the elevator. A voice came over the intercom. What did I do? I did what any self respecting mother would do. I grabbed him up as quickly as I could and physically ran out of the elevator and store, then tried to act/walk naturally to my car. Today, at the grocery store, as I was holding the door open for an elderly lady, while holding my squirming son on my hip, thankfully out of the corner of my eye, I spied his hand. Yes, that ever reaching, ever wanting to touch and feel hand was resting on the FIRE ALARM! I grabbed it as he was sta

New Antics

Well, let's see.. Lil Man has had me so busy I haven't time to post his antics. He's been fascinated for a little while with his Daddy's coffee cup. So you often see him carrying that around. Lately, it's been his dad's hats. I'll tell Lil Man it's time to go and he runs back to the bedroom, looks through and finds one of his dad's hats and puts it on. We had our first MOPs meeting this week. We survived. YEAH! Last year was truly horribly with him crying, and me getting paged. It was truly miserable most days when he attended. The only time I was able to relax was when I went without him. But so far so good with this year. I think having him out around more kids has been helpful. Also, when I go to the gym, he is in the childcare there and is without me. I think that's helped too. But he made it the entire time yesterday without me, without his pacifier, and for the most part didn't shed any tears until the very end of the two hours.