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Growing Up So Fast

My Lil Man is growing so fast. I have never seen a child so curious. I'm mesmerized by his curiosity,  but at the same time terrified as he has no sense of danger.  I want to allow him to explore his world, but I have to keep him safe also. It's a fine line to let him explore, but keep him safe. This week I watched him put his face in the pool water. At first, it was just barely, but then little by little he put his face in farther and farther. I watched as he looked at the sky when a cloud went over the sun.  And for the first time ever, we went in the big pool. He was uncertain at first, but as long as I went down chest level and he could put his feet on my legs, he was fine. He enjoyed watching the other kids splash and swim around. He now comes to us for 'help'. If he needs something, he comes to us, takes our finger and leads us toward whatever it is that he needs help with. So no, he isn't talking, but he is trying to communicate. So even though he might

Not My Finest Moment

Well, today has not held my finest 'mommy' moments. It started off easy enough, but went to full speed frustrating very quickly. As I was trying to scrape bits of jelly out of the empty jar, to add to the peanut butter for Hubby's sandwich for lunch, Lil Man was demanding my attention. I gave him bread to munch on as I tried to get breakfast for him and lunch for Hubby while my neurotic dog was all in the mix. I got Lil Man in his high chair and gave him his breakfast. Moments later, things went downhill quickly. I don't know if he's throwing food because his mouth hurts so bad from teething, or if he's testing his limits, or if it is both. But regardless it's a difficult situation sometimes. Immediately after breakfast we leave to go get groceries. We have to go to two different stores and now is a good time to add that it was raining. We get to the first store and thankfully it wasn't raining too bad. I had a blanket in the car and dried off th

Half Marathon Cheering Section

So I ran a Half Marathon on Saturday. Since the race started so early, and I am on the slower side, Hubby and Lil Man decided not to come to the start of the race, but to the finish.  I knew they were getting there about 9am. I was probably around the double digit mark when I realized they were probably there waiting on me. It was a good feeling to know that they were there and it pushed me even harder not to quit.  As I approached the finish line, the clock was my focus. I just wanted to cross the line - just cross the line. Then I heard it ... his squeal. Out of the music, the cheering and other noises around me, I heard my son's squeal when he saw me. My heart skipped a beat. I turned to my left to see their smiling faces.  After crossing the finish line,  I couldn't get to my family fast enough! 

Never A Dull Moment

Well, Lil Man was up early as usual today. Hubby was finishing up shaving in the bathroom,  and I told him he was on Lil Man duty while I went to get them breakfast. I had barely closed the bedroom door, took about 3 steps when I heard the crash. I ran back into the room as my husband ran to him also. Lil Man pulled over a 40+ yr old lamp. The globe broke. THANKFULLY, he wasn't hurt and Hubby got to him fast enough to keep him from walking on any pieces of sharp glass. As Hubby cleaned the pieces of his antique lamp, I took Lil Man in the kitchen to get breakfast. A piece and half of toast, banana and cheerios later, breakfast was finally over. Apparently Lil Man wanted more to eat because he got the plastic container of animal crackers out of the cabinet. As he was walking across the floor, he did a face plant full force into the kitchen tile. Seriously? It's not even 8:00am yet.  No major damage other than a bruise on the head.. whew.... But now we are refusing an after

I Hate Teething

I hate  loath teething. Other than the fact that my cute little guy looks adorable with his teeth and it helps him to chew his steak better (yes he eats steak - loves it), I hate every aspect of this teething process. Being a first time Mom and all, everything is a new experience - yeah, I know, poor little guy. After four days of food throwing, crying when he tried to eat, crying when I took the food away, I finally got a glimpse in his mouth. I saw gums so swollen that I winced at the sight. DUH, no wonder he was crying when he tried to eat. Lots of applesauce and yogurt later, both of us were happier. This was molar #1, which is still only partially through. Both 'sides' are peeking through but the middle is yet to be seen. Did I mention he is gagging himself to the point of puking? Oh yes, we can't leave out this little detail. He is trying to chew on his fingers that he keeps gagging himself (which he now thinks is  FUN ). On our way home from the gym last week,