Growing Up So Fast

My Lil Man is growing so fast. I have never seen a child so curious. I'm mesmerized by his curiosity,  but at the same time terrified as he has no sense of danger.  I want to allow him to explore his world, but I have to keep him safe also. It's a fine line to let him explore, but keep him safe.
This week I watched him put his face in the pool water. At first, it was just barely, but then little by little he put his face in farther and farther. I watched as he looked at the sky when a cloud went over the sun.  And for the first time ever, we went in the big pool. He was uncertain at first, but as long as I went down chest level and he could put his feet on my legs, he was fine. He enjoyed watching the other kids splash and swim around.
He now comes to us for 'help'. If he needs something, he comes to us, takes our finger and leads us toward whatever it is that he needs help with. So no, he isn't talking, but he is trying to communicate. So even though he might be a little behind in speech, it makes me feel good to see that he is learning communication skills and in time speech will come. I was told that first it's understanding, then it's speech. He's beginning to understand; we are making progress.
Lil Man shares with me a love for ice cream. I took him today to a local ice cream place that I frequent. He ate half my hot fudge sundae and then cried when we were out. :) Yep, he is truly my son.


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