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Why, Why, Why?!?

Deep breath. Deep breath. I know better. I do. So why do I let myself get back to this point? Why, why, why must I feel like I am always justifying my actions. I shouldn't feel the need to explain to other people that I am doing the best that I can do to help Lil Man with his speech delay.  I want to scream sometimes that just because my son isn't in daycare that he gets A LOT of interaction with kids. We don't stay holed up in this house never seeing the world outside. There is a voice inside me screaming 'Look. Look. Look at my calendar. At least 3 to 4 sometimes 5 days out of the week we are with other kids. His speech therapist has remarked how great I do with getting him out among his peers. But I feel like I am constantly  defending my actions. I feel like because I am a stay-at-home mom that I have to constantly reinforce to people that my child has interaction with other children. And let me tell you, sometimes it's not easy. That's right. I said i

Trying Something New

Bear with me, I'm trying something new. I have two blogs -   A Day In The Life of Mrs. Glass and Will Run For Ice Cream . And for awhile now, I've debated about combing the two. But I've held off because the target audience is different. One is more running related (hence the title) and the other is more about my life in general as a wife, a stay-at-home mom to a toddler, and the balancing act of it all. So for now, I will keep the blogs separate. However, I've added a community page on facebook Todays Words Of Glass  . And I plan for this page to be a cross-over of both of my blogs. But I don't want this page to be just about my blogs, but I would like for my readers who are on facebook to interact also. The general description of the page is this: "I'm a mom, a wife, a runner, a blogger, and an ice cream addict. This page is for anyone who has ever had the desire to be a better person, has ever had a goal, and knows first hand that there are ups and do

Through The Eyes of a Toddler

Have you ever watched your kid as they saw new things? I mean really watched them? I love watching Lil Man's face as he experiences new things. Today we went to Target , and after putting all of the items in the car, I decided instead of driving across the shopping center parking lot, that we'd walk the side walk. It was a fairly long walk for a toddler, but I thought Lil Man might enjoy it. So off we went. He was mesmerized by the cars, the people, and the store fronts. The things that I take for granted and don't really 'see' anymore, he was looking at everything with such awe and amazement. He noticed the flowers outside the grocery store. He noticed the writing on the windows. He stopped to look at the displays. How many times in our life do we just keep walking, our purpose is to get from point A to point B, and never really see what's around us? Had I been walking alone today, I would have briskly walked across the parking lot, finished my errand and bri

I Think We are Teething

I think we are teething again. My first clue was that Lil Man has been a little cranky. Then the insane amount of drooling started. Then he has gagged himself with his hand in his mouth more than once to the point of vomiting. And finally I think I got a glimpse of a swollen gum with a tooth trying to push through. It's hard to actually see because it's so far back in his mouth. Yes, this would be the 2nd year molars. Hopefully this won't be a long drawn out process for him. I sure hope not. He truly suffered with cutting all of his other teeth.

We Finally Did It

Well, Hubby and I finally did it.. yep.. took us over 2 years but we finally got a baby sitter and went out on a date. It had been 3 years since we'd been to see a movie! We decided to go on an afternoon date to see a movie and then out to eat. It was great to spend some quality time with Hubby. And Lil Man did just fine with a sitter. I hope we can do this again. I have to mention that Lil Man learned (yesterday) that he could throw things from the his car seat  to the front seat. As I was driving today, out of no where, I got hit in the head with a whistle. Yep, I was like.. "what the..." then I realized it was a whistle he'd been playing with. That kid has good aim!


I've been a little MIA lately. For those of you who haven't read my other blog ( Will Run For Ice Cream ) then you probably don't know that I just finished my first Marathon. For the race recap, click here But that has consumed a lot of my time last week.  I have to say that I wasn't sure how Lil Man would do at the race waiting on me to finish. But he seemed to have a good time. And he really enjoyed my post race food. :)  It's finally warm here, and he we've spent a good amount of time outdoors. I do believe I am going to have an enjoyable summer with him. He loves the playground and all things outdoors.  We had speech today. Actually we had 3 hours of speech this week (to make up for missed sessions when we had the flu). Over the last couple of weeks, he's really started to try to communicate with us. We both have been less frustrated since we can now both understand what he needs. I'm really hoping the progress continues.  And so f

Very Busy Week

This week has been a very busy week. I've had a lot of freelance work this week which has been GREAT. Not only have I enjoyed doing it, but it's kept my mind busy! I needed to stay busy this week. If you love to read, or if you are an author, you should really check this site out   Momma Says Read . It's a great site, and this weekend is Mommas Big Launch Giveaway Blitz. (Check Momma out on Facebook). You don't want to miss this event. So this week has been exciting helping with this site plus the last minute preparations for my marathon on Saturday. Lil Man has napped every day (so far). He did get up once last night, but all of the other nights this week he has slept all night! Apparently I was looking rough last week for his speech session. This week his teacher said 'Wow, you must have got some sleep. You look so much better." Speaking of speech... over the weekend Lil Man has said lots of new words! He said egg, candy, What is this? Where is it? Her

The Sound Of Silence

Let's just say that this past week had many many sleep time frustrations. I spent more than one day chunking things out of Lil Man's room into the hall so he couldn't get into it at naptime. Then after the nap that didn't happen, I would have to put everything back into his room. Finally, enough was enough. This weekend Hubby wired Lil Man's closet door shut so that he couldn't get into it during nap time. And Saturday I hauled a huge cabinet out of there. This momma had reached her limit! And last night, I let Hubby totally put Lil Man to bed. I didn't 'help' and removed myself before bedtime began. There was a little bit of crying, but then Lil Man settled quickly and slept all night!   I think one of the major problems we've been dealing with is that when he got sick he had a lot and I do mean a lot of time with me. I took care of most everything for him. And after the flu, he's been clingy for me. So I think with Hubby breaking the