I've been a little MIA lately. For those of you who haven't read my other blog (Will Run For Ice Cream) then you probably don't know that I just finished my first Marathon. For the race recap, click here

But that has consumed a lot of my time last week. 

I have to say that I wasn't sure how Lil Man would do at the race waiting on me to finish. But he seemed to have a good time. And he really enjoyed my post race food. :) 

It's finally warm here, and he we've spent a good amount of time outdoors. I do believe I am going to have an enjoyable summer with him. He loves the playground and all things outdoors. 

We had speech today. Actually we had 3 hours of speech this week (to make up for missed sessions when we had the flu). Over the last couple of weeks, he's really started to try to communicate with us. We both have been less frustrated since we can now both understand what he needs. I'm really hoping the progress continues. 

And so far so good with the sleeping at night and naps. We have the occasional night where he wakes up, but usually all Hubby has to do is walk him back to bed. 

I'm much nicer if I get some sleep! 


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