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Pinatas And Parties - Such fun!

"Wow, that was fast!” was what I was thinking when I opened my front door and found that my Birthday In a Box  had been delivered.  I waited until Lil Man wasn't looking, and then I stashed the box in the basement before he could see it. I was excited to see what was inside, but I had to wait until nap time. I didn't want him to get a glimpse of it until we had it all set up and ready for him.   Finally, I was able to take a peek. And I was not disappointed. My box contained a Cookie Monster Pinata   with 3lbs of candy. And I'm talking the good stuff - warheads, lemon drops, blow pops, sweeties and the list goes on and on. I admit that Hubby and I indulged a little (ok, maybe a lot) in the candy before it ever made it in the pinata.  I  wasn't  sure how Lil Man would react to the pinata. He’d never been at a party where there was one. So I  wasn't  sure what his reaction would be. Since he’s only 2, we decided that blindfolds  wouldn't  be neces

Separation Anxiety - And The Screaming Gets Louder

What's the deal? I've never had an issue leaving him at the gym. I mean NEVER. Even when leaving him was an issue at other places, I've never had a problem at the gym (que music dum dum dum) until yesterday. He cried when I left him. And I think he cried for about 10 minutes or so. But he calmed down. Today, he started whining in the parking lot. It was obvious he didn't want me to leave him. So no he didn't cry. He screamed. I picked him up and tried to comfort him, but it wasn't working. I told the girl working that I had to at least go and change clothes before I left the gym. So I left as Lil Man wailed. I got changed, and went back to check on him and he seemed okish. So I went back to the locker room and changed back yet again into my workout clothes. I walked back over to see if all was well, and the lady working there gave me a half way thumbs up. So I went to my class. I don't know what's going on, but I hope this is short lived. After the g

Not The Best Mommy Week - Feeling Frustrated With Myself

I'm not having the best 'mommy' week this week. Yes, I know it's just Tuesday. So I'm hoping the rest of the week is going to get better! But it's just been one of those weeks where I feel like a total failure as a parent... sigh. And it has a lot to do with the fact that Lil Man has refused to nap this week. Maybe he's ready to give up naps? It's hard to say. The days that he does nap he can sleep 3.5 HOURS. So it's hard for me to believe that he will go from really long naps to just not napping at all. So maybe this is a phase? Regardless, I've spent the last 2 days trying to convince and just out right beg Lil Man to nap. Yes, I realize just how silly that sounds to try to get a 2 year old to nap because I told him to do so. Tomorrow, I plan to try a new tactic. He doesn't have to 'nap', but he does have to spend some quiet time in his room. And I'm going to try not to run in and out of his room 100 times during his &

It's All Going Too Fast

I suppose it looks better since the swelling has gone down. And the knot behind his ear is gone. And he doesn't seem to act like it's sore, but it sure looked bad. He's had a good weekend though. He loves it outside, and he's spent a lot of time outside 'helping' Daddy. They've been doing yard work, and we did some gardening today.  I looked over at him last night as he was sitting in his little Coupe car watching his Daddy through the glass door, and I could see him at 16. The time is flying by so fast. It's all going too fast. There are moments that I just want it to stop - stand still. I want to let the moment sink in. (Last night was one of those moments). I want that memory engraved deep into my soul of my little boy watching his Daddy through the window. I want to freeze that moment. Because it's all going by so fast. 

This Chick Is Gonna Go PMS Crazy All Up In Here

Purchasing a box of tampons and 5 chocolate candy bars will get you pretty fast service at the checkout counter. No words were exchanged as the items were laid on the counter. The clerk quickly (and I might add a little nervously) scanned the items. I think she was thinking "this chick is gonna go PMS crazy all up in here". It didn't dawn on me until I was outside the irony of my purchase. Remember the days when you used to hide them in the cart? ...the tampons, not the chocolate. I think now I hide chocolate. I've told so many people how I want to cut down on sugar, that I find myself slinking around corners at the grocery store trying to make my purchase of illegal chocolate goods before I can get caught. But I remember the days when purchasing tampons were the most embarrassing thing ever. Trust me after pushing a kid with a head WAY too big to come out of the pelvis of this body, there are other products (that I will spare mentioning) way more embarrassing t

Please No More Drama

PLEASE no more drama today! I started off the day with a nice run. But then it sort of went downhill from there. He fell and busted his ear and his head. Thankfully he's ok. It scared me bad when it happened. But he recovered (thankfully) quickly. It is getting darker purple as the day goes on though. But it's just been one thing after another today. I'm exhausted. I'm operating on very little sleep. He didn't nap today. I could have used some downtime. And honestly he could have to. On a different note, yesterday I took him out for our longest run yet. We made it 7 miles with the jogging stroller. To read about it and for a photo click Will Run For Ice Cream . But at the moment, I'm counting down until Hubby gets home today. This Mom could use a break.

Just Don't Go There

I don't know about you, but I have a hard time sometimes not letting my mind 'go there'. You know that place where you just allow yourself to get worked up over usually  uncontrollable circumstances. I'm still concerned that Lil Man isn't talking. Yes, he just turned 2 in March. Yes, we are seeing progress. But there are days that it's more grunt and groan than words. By the end of the day, both of us are extremely frustrated. I discussed my concerns ( yet again ) with his speech teacher yesterday. She assures me that she really thinks he will get there. Part of the problem is that I know a lot of times what he wants. And he gets irritated with me that I'm not getting what he wants because he knows that I know what he wants. So it's just easier to grunt right? So... very... frustrating because when I don't immediately give it to him, he gets frustrated and mad.. anyway.. I'm trying to not give in at the first grunt, but trying to get him to s

Crisis Averted

I walked into the living room and found him undressing saying 'tinky' which is his way of saying 'Stinky' which is what we call poo. He was just about to get himself out of it.. whew.. glad I got there when I did. Thankfully, of the many things that I've dealt with (so far) poo everywhere hasn't been one of them. 

I Zigged When they Zagged

Many images came to my mind as I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone and tried Zumba ( rolling my eyes ) of all things today. Fish out of water, an innocent squirrel being electrocuted on an electric fence - I'm pretty sure this was what I looked like as the room hip hopped, Salsa and swayed. I don't have a rhythmic bone in my body. If I ever thought I did, today proved otherwise. I stayed in the back of the class and tried not to get in anyone's way. But then we had to turn around. Yes this little hip moving number had us doing a 360. So those in front of me were no longer in front but behind. She tried not to smile, but I knew she couldn't help it. Then as we turned again, she let out a little laugh. I knew she couldn't help herself. I had positioned myself where I couldn't get a glimpse in the mirror. I didn't want to know. But the smile and giggle told me that yep, this white girl can't dance. I leaned over to the good natured all-in-fun smiling l

Trying to Save Me From Myself

If you've been following my blog then you know that I have a sugar problem. If you are new to the blog,  "Hello and welcome, I'm Mrs. Glass and I have a sugar addiction." Lately it's becoming more apparent just how much of a problem with sugar that I do have. In the past, I sort of just laughed if off when people would mention the words sugar, drug and addiction in the same sentence. But I'm thinking, there really might be something to it. See, I've been eating a lot of sugar lately. And I mean like over 100 grams of sugar a day several days out of the week.  There I said. It's out there for the world to judge. According to MyFitnessPal , I am supposed to have 30 grams a day.  So, after my binge on Friday, I decided that yesterday was the day. NO MORE. I'm done. I was doing ok until about 4:00pm. Then the cravings hit. Before the night was over, yes I rummaged through and found some some Easter Sweet tarts and ate those. When I couldn

Shameless Self-promoting

I've spent part of my afternoon 'googling' trying to find out how to promote myself. Who does that?!? Seriously, who takes time out of their busy life to try to find a way to promote their blog/facebook fan page? (By the way, my fan page is ) Check it out and like it pretty please. ;) I giggled like a little girl when I told my husband I got another 'like' - that makes 25 I said enthusiastically.  He looked at me like - what is wrong with you? He's probably thinking that I really shouldn't have taken all of those antihistamines yesterday. Maybe I am on a Zyrtec buzz. But yesterday was rough rough rough with the allergies. At 10pm last night, I told my husband, "Listen, I took an Allegra this morning, 2 hours later with the pharmacist's ok, I took a Zyrtec. I'm thinking it's probably frowned upon for me to take another one, but I'm in bad shape. So I'm taking another Zyrtec. If something happens