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Potty Training - A Mother's Nightmare

I know it's been quite some time since I've written anything, but who knew that Potty Training would be so time consuming. As many of you know, we've tried several times to potty train. He wasn't ready. I wasn't ready. It just was causing more frustration that I have called it quits more than once. But when he turned 3, we talked about how we weren't going to buy any more diapers. So around his 3rd birthday, Lil Man said, "no more diapes, wear underwear." I said yes.  And that's what we've done... or tried to do for the most part. The first day there was like 6 accidents. The problem is that he doesn't want to stop doing whatever it is that he's doing to go to the potty. And we have a very busy schedule, and I didn't want to put him back in pull-ups, but I couldn't just take him in underwear either. So another mom suggested that I put the underwear on him, and then put the pull-up on top of it. And that's what we'