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Road Trip - Traveling Across 10 States With A Pre-schooler

What were we thinking?! 10 States with a 3 year old. But we wanted to see family, and when you live so far away you do what you have to do.  Armed with snacks, DVDs, and small toys we set off on our journey. Lil Man has tolerated 10+ hour days in the car. We've had our moments, and we've reached our breaking point a few times. But to get to see our families has been so good for our hearts. Laughter has been abundant, and so have tears as we've had to drive away. Saying goodbye has been heart wrenching.  But to see Lil Man get to know his family and interact with everyone has been a heart-filling experience. We have made some life-long memories on this trip.  One morning as I laid in bed at the hotel, listening to my Hubby and Lil Man softly snore, the three of us together, I couldn't help but thank God for how very blessed I am.  This trip hasn't been easy, and it's definitely had it's challenges, but I'm so glad that we decided to do this. I know Lil Ma

Samsill iPad Holder and Office Binder With Label Holder Review

As many of you know I like to try to stay as organized as possible. And one way that I do that is with notebooks and folders. Samsill  makes a great versatile multifunction notebook. It's not too small. It's not too big. It's a durable 1" office binder with label holder . It seems to be just the right size for a lot of paperwork that I need to organize and take care of. And it files easily on a shelf.  In addition to staying organized, I am also on the go a lot this summer as many of you are. And I came across this great iPad Holder . Not only is it cute, it's also very functional. It has a magnetic closure which puts the iPad automatically to sleep when it's closed and awakes it when it's open. It has an adjustable stand with two landscape positions. It has cutouts for the camera, the controls. and the ports. So I don't have to remove the iPad from the case to use it, charge it, take pictures with it, and I like how it's covered when I&