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Friday Adventures

I overslept this morning. And when I woke up, Lil Man's diaper had leaked. And I don't mean just a little dribble. I mean a full on, soaked his clothes from knees to chest, all of his blankets, his sheet,and his protective mattress cover. So I began my day with already running late, plus having to strip him off and change everything on the bed. That being done, I'm was at this point 15 minutes later than what I should be. (Hubby was giving me time to run before he went to work. Thankfully, it still worked out that that I could get my run in). I got home just in time as Hubby was getting ready to walk out the door. But I just wasn't in the mood to stay home all day. We had to cancel a playdate earlier in the week because Lil Man was sick. And it seems like lately when I have plans I have to cancel or reschedule or something. And I'm feeling just a wee bit lonely. I knew that if I sat in this house all day that I would be stir crazy. So I told Lil Man that we were

The Girl I Don't Want To Be

As I sat there engrossed in one of my favorite TV shows, I couldn't help but let the tears flow. Lil Man was asleep. Hubby was at work. And I was taking a few moments out of this very hectic day for me. But there she was, everything that I didn't want to be, yet oddly we were very similar. And as I watched the drama unfold, I couldn't help but picture myself in her situation. And although I am very aware that this is a fabricated television show, it suddenly felt a little too real. Because it's often way too easy to let 'life get in the way', to let relationships suffer from lack of attention, to get self absorbed in our own problems and feelings instead of looking at what others may be feeling. It's easy to slip into 'Me, Me, Me and how we have been mistreated (or feel that we have)' when we don't see how maybe our actions are being perceived by others. People say that each day we have a choice. But it comes down to each moment in our day

Calendars - Without Them I'd Be Lost

I know when I worked outside of the home, that the first thing I did was check my 'calendar' when I got to the office. Little did I know, that as a stay-at-home mom, that's still the first thing that I do. I will admit that I have always had a love for Office Supplies  and I would always get a little excited for the new year and new supplies.  Well, as a stay-at-home mom, I'm busy with running a household and keeping things scheduled. And the 2014 Calendar is the perfect calendar for my desk.  The days are big enough that I can write in information, but the calendar isn't too massive that it takes up my entire desk.  And although I use a calendar online, I still like having a paper calendar to record information. And the Business Planner is perfect for keeping up with appointments and expenses. On the bottom right corner is an "expense record" that I can use to keep tabs on expenses.  It's large enough t

Looking For A Fun Children's Book? Read This: Fluffy's Book (Children's Book) Review

As you know, Lil Man will be 3 in March and books are a favorite part of our day. He loves his favorites, but he also loves looking at new books. Well, we got the chance to check out Fluffy's Book by Gabrielle Grande.  Image Source: Amazon First of all, let me say that the concept behind this book is really cute. It's about a a little boy's slipper, Fluffy. And Fluffy gets lost going down the stairs. I don't want to give too much away , but the concept behind the book is really cute.  I was really impressed with the illustrations in the book. The book itself is blue which got Lil Man's attention. But the illustrations are very bright bold colors. And Lil Man loved the bright colors. It was really pleasant to read.  I'm not sure what the suggested age is for the book, but I think it was a little above Lil Man's grasp (at the age of almost 3). He was very much into the story line, and at times was a little frightened as to what wa

Through The Eyes of A Toddler

On the way to pre-school today, I heard a laugh from the backseat. Lil Man was pointing to the vehicle in front of us. It was an SUV type vehicle that had a back wiper. And since it was raining, the wiper was moving. He thought it was funny to watch it move back and forth. And it got me to thinking.... How often do I rush through life not really seeing the things around me? Busy, busy, busy, rush, rush, rush - and at what cost? Have you ever stopped to see things through the eyes of a toddler?    I've watched my son:  Stop playing to stop and watch a bird fly across the sky.  Watch a bug crawl on a stick.  See a bee sitting gently on a flower.  Watch the grass and leaves sway in the wind.  Hear an unfamiliar sound and ask "What's dat?" Follow an airplane across the sky with excitement and wonder.  Look for the moon every night.  Sing off key and loudly without a care in the world.  Hear music, look up at me, no matter where that might be and say 

The Flying Waffle (Children's Book Review And Giveaway)

As you know, Lil Man and I read A LOT. And we are always looking for new books. Most books that we have read have been paper or hardcover books that he can hold. But The Flying Waffle   is an electronic book that I put on my Kindle. I wasn't really sure how Lil Man would respond to that, but he loved it. He actually found it easier to 'turn the pages' than a regular book. And it didn't take him long to find his favorite page.  This book is about Candy Carrot, Sir Cob the Corn, and Pea-Z the Sweet Pea. My son calls it the "canny cawot' book. And we have read it numerous numerous times. Since he eats a waffle most mornings, he was very familiar with waffles. And this book grabbed his attention quickly.  It's a cute whimsical book using vegetables as main characters. As a bonus, the book also contains a waffle recipe. I felt that it was just the right length to keep my son's attention, but long enough to actually tell a