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What's Up With the Sleep Issues

The flu really did a number on us when it comes to sleeping (or lack therof). This week has been DIFFICULT and that's putting it mildly. Yesterday resulted in a 2 hour battle where in the end, I basically gave up. Today started off about the same. He didn't want me to leave the room. Each time I went to check on him or see what was wrong, the screams escalated. Finally, I kissed him, put him back into bed (for the thousandth time it felt like), and walked out. There was screaming and he trashed his room (again), but he finally fell asleep on a stack of huggies. Whew that was rough.. During these nap refusals, his eyes are so heavy he can barely hold them open. Anyway, today he's napping. I hear him moving already, so I imagine nap will be 'short' today. But I'll take a short nap over screaming. He was up twice last night too. Sigh... it was SOOOOOO much easier when he was still in the crib.

Last Of The 30's

I'm saying goodbye to my 30's today. Wow. I know it's just a number, but 40 is a really big number ;) But it is just a number. (that's what I keep telling myself). I'm celebrating today by taking Lil Man to an Easter egg hunt this afternoon. Hopefully it won't be too cold. I wanted Hubby to get to enjoy this with us. So we decided to mess up Lil Man's afternoon nap and take him. (REALLY hope we don't regret this later). Then, I think we are going to go eat some Mexican food. I pretty much said I wasn't cooking today. And, I've been hungry for Mexican food. So there you go. Problem solved. I'm planning on celebrating my Birthday with ice cream, but I'm waiting until after the marathon on August 6 to make that happen. This decade brought me a husband, and a son. Let's hope the 40's are as good to me as the 30's have been. :)

Well... He Was Sleeping...

So, we had moved Lil Man into his toddler bed for about a week before the big flu hit. I made it through a week of struggling with naps, but we were finally on a routine. He was napping. He was sleeping through the night. Things were back to 'normal'. And then... he got sick.. (insert dramatic dum dum dum music). And with him being so sick with the flu and pneumonia and his first 'real' fever in his life, I held him. And I held him a lot. His daddy held him during naps. I held him during naps. We even held him at night. And as we are making our way back to health from the horrible flu, sleeping has been a problem. At first naps were, well let's just say a very unpleasant time for everyone concerned. Lil Man wanted to be held. He expected to be held. He demanded to be held. And when he wasn't held, he was angry. I mean the throwing every book he owns out of his room, banging on the baby gate with such force I wasn't sure it would hold, and screaming u

If You Are Curious

Kid gets flu. Kid gets pneumonia in addition to the flu. Kid stops eating/drinking. Kid almost dehydrates. Begin the hour by hour watch about having him admitted to the hospital. Mom gets low grade fever. Mom's fever keeps rising. Mom develops a hacking cough. Kid starts having watery explosive poops to the point that it goes up the back and down the leg at the same time. Mom is busy constantly trying to clean up the kid and keep him comfortable. Kid will drink but not eat. Kid will eat but not drink. Kid poops more. Mom's head feels as if it is about to explode. Mom is dizzy - too dizzy to be safe home alone with kid. How is it possible to have this much snot? Dad has to miss work to come help. Mom sleeps. Kid sleeps. Dad sleeps. More poop. Much more poop. Then there is vomit, followed by more poop. Mom gets her heart broken in a way that somehow has wound up hurting more than other heart breaks. Let down. Disappointed. Mad that she allowed herself to open up to people and o

Human Snot Rag

Lil Man will be 2 next Monday. It's so hard to believe! Where has the time gone? But as you know if you read my last post he has the flu. Well in addition to the flu, he also has pneumonia. It's been touch and go with putting him in the hospital. He wouldn't drink or eat and was getting lethargic. But finally, as we were making the decision within the hour, he ate a little and drank some water. We have stayed out of the hospital so far. He is showing some signs of improvement, but he is still very sick. Currently, we he has major congestion and major diarrhea. I am a ring of boogers. From my shoulders, to my chest, to my stomach, down my shirts sleeves... boogers. I am but a swipe away from his little nose. I no longer care that I'm covered in snot. For days I've felt like a human rag. I've been puked on, pooped on, sneezed on, snotted and cried on. My nose is pouring also (although I'm reaching for a tissue instead of my shirt sleeve). Hmmm... I guess


Lil Man didn't show any signs of being sick. In fact we went about our normal day. Thursday night about 9pm he developed a dry cough. I didn't think much of it. My midnight he had a low grade fever. By morning he was worse. By Noon it was full blown. We went to the pediatrician's office. They came into the examining room with masks on. From the beginning apparently they suspected the flu. The flu never crossed my mind. They did a test and it was positive :( And yes he had the shot so we are hoping he won't have it 'as bad'. Well I have to say this is rough. We are having a hard time getting any liquids in him. Between the vomiting and the fever, I'm really worried about dehydration. It's been a sleepless night and a rough day today. So far Hubby and I aren't sick. I have a headache and slight sore throat. But no fever. Really hoping we don't get it, and hoping my Lil Man gets better quickly. It is so hard to watch him hurt.


I have to say, Lil Man seems to have settled into his new sleeping arrangements and no pacifier. We still have our struggles, but I think he enjoys the new found freedom of reading a book or playing before nap. Today, I heard him in his room in the rocker 'reading' books. When I went to check on him, he was in his bed almost asleep. So far night time has been ok also. Tonight Hubby is working late, and I will be putting him down on my own. We'll see if this makes a difference. An another note, I'm seeing improvements with Kindermusik. He will now go up (with some encouragement) to get the bells or shakers on his own. He is also about helping to 'clean up' and will return items to their baskets. And for the first time today, he got on the 'story blanket'. Ok, so it was only one knee on the blanket and the rest of him was on me, but that's still progress. It was a tough go in the beginning, but he seems to be enjoying it now. Last week he even poin