Human Snot Rag

Lil Man will be 2 next Monday. It's so hard to believe! Where has the time gone?

But as you know if you read my last post he has the flu. Well in addition to the flu, he also has pneumonia. It's been touch and go with putting him in the hospital. He wouldn't drink or eat and was getting lethargic. But finally, as we were making the decision within the hour, he ate a little and drank some water.

We have stayed out of the hospital so far. He is showing some signs of improvement, but he is still very sick. Currently, we he has major congestion and major diarrhea.

I am a ring of boogers. From my shoulders, to my chest, to my stomach, down my shirts sleeves... boogers. I am but a swipe away from his little nose. I no longer care that I'm covered in snot. For days I've felt like a human rag. I've been puked on, pooped on, sneezed on, snotted and cried on. My nose is pouring also (although I'm reaching for a tissue instead of my shirt sleeve). Hmmm... I guess I could use my shirt sleeve since I'm doing laundry 4 times a day because of the massive poops.

Thankfully, I have an incredible husband who for the last two nights has taken care of and slept with Lil Man so that I could rest. Hubby came home from work early yesterday so I could get some rest.

Really hoping we get well soon.. and stay well!


  1. So true! I know how that feels. I hope you all feel better soon!


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