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Santa Ate The Cookies

Lil Man will be 3 in March. So Christmas this year was really a lot of fun. He seemed to just absorb everything. Everything was such a thrill. And he really got into 'Santa' and our Elf 'Bobo'. We went to the grocery store and every time someone would pick up the intercom, you would hear sleigh bells. Lil Man would yell "Santa! Santa!"  And our elf Bobo was a huge hit. In fact, he loved Bobo so much that when Christmas rolled around, he was quite upset that Bobo had to go home with Santa. "No, stay, me" was said repeatedly. And 5 days post Christmas he will still say "Bobo home Santa".  Just yesterday Lil Man literally asked to go sit in Santa's lap. Sigh. It's cute and all, but it's also hard to try to explain to him what 'next Christmas' is. ha. Today, when I put him down for nap he said "Santa ate cookies". This is a sore subject for him. He wasn't too thrilled that Santa ate the cookies. It was

3 Great Products - 1 Great Place - Shoplet

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about Shoplet. It's a great place to get Office Supplies . And if you are on the computer a lot like me, you may have experienced wrist/hand pain from typing. Mine is mainly from using the mouse. But I tried this product, the Rolling Wrist Rest (MAS99504 ), and it did not disappoint.  I've tried other products in the past, but since they were stationary I would find myself having to lift my arm to sometimes move the mouse. Well this Rolling Wrist Rest is just that... it rolls. And it's small enough that I can use it with my laptop on my lap desk. Also, because of the size, it fits nicely in my laptop case so that I can take it with me wherever I might be using my laptop.  Another great product on Shoplet would be the  Microfiber Gloves (MAS18041) .  When I got my smart phone, I loved it... until Winter rolled around. Then I realized that I couldn't swipe or even answer the phone using regular gloves. The

It's Perfect Isn't It? The Lives (or is it Lies) We See On Facebook.

It's perfect isn't it.... the lives we see on Facebook... usually happy faces of people doing fun stuff ALL of the time. This time of the year you see pictures of Santa, Gingerbread houses, and an ungodly amount of cookies being baked.  I suppose your newsfeed will relate to your friends and interests. Mine is a nice mixture of toddlers, families, and runners posting pics of their latest runs and races. And from the outside looking in, it looks (other than the occasional 'I am stressed rant') pretty darn perfect... these lives.... these people posting their daily adventures.  But I have to stop and ask you, is it? Yes, there is a gorgeous picture of a smiling family, but maybe what we didn't see was the major meltdown from everyone (including Mommy screaming please please just cooperate) before a decent picture was finally taken. Oh, and those cookies look lovely, but maybe we didn't see the ones that were burned or an unrecognizable shape.

Just When I Think The Tears Have Stopped - They Come Again

Just when I think that it can't hurt anymore, that the pain has dulled from a sharp stabbing pain to a dull ache, and it's an ache that to this day has never gone away, the pain, the stabs, the searing come back. And it hurts all over again. ( There Are Times You Can't Stop The Tears)   The holidays seem to make it worse, probably because the holidays are over commercialized with happy families every where. When we all know that some people have that, but many struggle with family get-togethers for the holidays. Those without family seem to long to be with family. And often those with family long to be away from family and seek some quiet time.  But it's during these times that no matter how hard I try to push it away, the truth is the hurt is there. And I have to remind myself that I am stronger than this. I can't allow myself to focus on the hurt but on the good. Think of Lil Man and how he counted (FINALLY) past 3 today. He skipped 5 and made it to 10, b

Let's Read About Me - Make Your Child A Star Of His Own Book

As you know, Lil Man and I love to read. We usually read at least 3 books at naptime, and then 3 books at bedtime. He has his favorites, and he also enjoys getting new books. (And we are constantly adding new books to our collection).  But just this week, I couldn't help but burst with pride when he could read the entire Colors, Weather and Opposites books that we have. It just helps re-enforce to me the he is absorbing everything around him. And reading is a great way for kids to learn.  Have you heard of   Let's Read About Me ? The concept is simple. You create a customized book using your own photos. But instead of it just being a 'photo' book, these books are action books. You fill in the blanks and the pictures to create a customized book of your child in 'action'.  I created one for Lil Man in the "Memory" and "Just My Size" styles. We chose the " ____ is Busy" for our book to create.  Here are just a few sample pages

Cough, Snot, Puke, Repeat

Last week was not a week I care to repeat. And the first half of this week hasn't been so great either. I started last week off like most weeks - with a run.... and then things went downhill. (I Took A Step, I Felt The Pull, And Then the Pain ). I limped around the rest of the day. Took Lil Man to pre-school on Tuesday. After pre-school we went to the Sports clinic where I was diagnosed with a Gastrocnemius Fascia Tear ( Couda, Wouda, Shouda Won't Change My Injury ).  I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to maneuver with the boot while being outrun by Lil Man. Wednesday we had a playdate which was fun. But then Wednesday afternoon, Lil Man started running a low grade fever. And with this fever came a cough - a horrible, chest-rattling, this can't be good cough. As his cough increased so did the fever and the snot. We went through I don't know how many Boogie Wipes and tissues. (Not to mention the times that he swiped his nose on the furniture or his

Holiday Safety - Do You Decorate The Safe Way?

Have you finished (or at least started) your holiday decorating? I had a blast this year decorating with Lil Man. Everything was 'wow' and 'neat'. He loved putting up the tree and the ornaments. However, keeping the ornaments on the tree has been a challenge.  But with holiday decorating also comes holiday safety (or sometimes lack thereof). Here are some helpful tips from the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI )  "Follow these basic safety guidelines to help prevent serious electrical and fire hazards as you decorate your home and yard this season: Christmas Trees • When purchasing a live tree, check for freshness. A fresh tree will stay green longer and be less of a fire hazard than a dry tree.  • Cut 1-2 inches from the base of the trunk immediately before placing the tree in the stand and filling with water to ensure water absorption.  • Because heated rooms dry out live trees rapidly, be