Santa Ate The Cookies

Lil Man will be 3 in March. So Christmas this year was really a lot of fun. He seemed to just absorb everything. Everything was such a thrill. And he really got into 'Santa' and our Elf 'Bobo'. We went to the grocery store and every time someone would pick up the intercom, you would hear sleigh bells. Lil Man would yell "Santa! Santa!" 

And our elf Bobo was a huge hit. In fact, he loved Bobo so much that when Christmas rolled around, he was quite upset that Bobo had to go home with Santa. "No, stay, me" was said repeatedly. And 5 days post Christmas he will still say "Bobo home Santa". 

Just yesterday Lil Man literally asked to go sit in Santa's lap. Sigh. It's cute and all, but it's also hard to try to explain to him what 'next Christmas' is. ha. Today, when I put him down for nap he said "Santa ate cookies". This is a sore subject for him. He wasn't too thrilled that Santa ate the cookies. It was hilarious. 

This kid has a little bit of a sweet tooth like his Momma :). It's so much fun to watch things through his eyes. We take so much for granted sometimes... or I know I do... the little things... like the star on top of a Christmas tree, twinkling lights, or musical ornaments (that Lil Man fondly called a radio)...

It's reminded me that sometimes we need to just slow down and look so that we don't miss what's whirling by... 

Santa ate the cookies, but the crumbs he left behind gave us some lifetime memories. 

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