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Joined The Real World

We were finally able to join the real world again. After over eight days of being quarantined, we finally ventured out into the public. We went to Hersheypark yesterday with friends, and had a blast. And Lil Man asked to go again today. I happily said yes. We love it there. And we are usually HersheyPark happy.

8 Days Quarantined

8 days quarantined. 8 days quarantined. He's been asking/begging to know when we can go back to Hershey Park - water park - ride rides. He's thankfully been able to get outside to help his Daddy with some projects, but we are on the go a lot. Most days out of the week, we go somewhere and do something, if for just a little while. So to be at home for 8 days (and counting) has been a challenge for Lil Man and myself. In case you are curious as to what's going on with us, check out my last post . He is thankfully well. I'm on the mend, but not quite there. I'm hoping (big hope) that by tomorrow, surely we can get to the store as we need some things. And mainly we just need a change of scenery. We are going a little stir crazy (see pic below). But being a germaphobe, I'm also very cautious about spreading germs. So if my blisters still aren't flat (as the pediatrician said they needed to be flat before we could go out in public) then we will hav

How To Survive Hand Foot and Mouth Disease As An Adult

I think I'm going to put this down as a milestone on Facebook. You know right after "got engaged", "got married", "had a baby", "contracted Hand Foot and Mouth Disease."  Because, I have to tell you, right now, it feels like a milestone. Don't believe what you read when it says "mild" condition. Apparently adults aren't really supposed to get this. I'm not really sure how I was 'chosen'. I'm pretty much a germaphobe. Oh, you know the one. Touch a grocery cart (get out hand sanitizer), pay for groceries (get out hand santizier), put groceries in car (get out hand sanitizer). And I practically scrub my son once we leave any public place. I think you get the idea. But somehow, Lil Man and I have contracted this horrible little illness, and I decided to share with you a few things that I have learned so far. We are on day 3. Your Child is Playing - You are Almost in Tears Lil Man has had a few crying spe

Social Media Icons For Blogs

I don't know about you, but I can't help but love cute social media icons. So I have compiled a list of some of my favorite sites of free social media icons for blogs. I will be adding more to this list so check back to see new additions as I find them. :) Enjoy! Extreme Grunge Social Media Icons  Old Bottle Crowns   Social Media Trucks Tea Cup Social Icons   Eco-friendly Ice Cream Social  T-Shirts Clover Social Snow  Television Set Easter Egg Smooth Stone  Bottles Soccer Socializic Vintage Stamps Social Sketches If you have icons you would like to add to this list, please leave me a comment with the link. 

Kids Academy Company Preschool and Kindergarten Apps

Full Disclosure: I received compensation for this post. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines. My opinions are 100% my own based on my own review and personal experience.  As most of you know, Lil Man turned 3 in March. And preschool is fast approaching for this year. So I've been looking for some educational (fun) things for Lil Man to do. I have found that the more it feels like 'play' the more he enjoys it, and the faster he picks up on concepts. Well, the Kids Academy Company makes some awesome apps for the iPhone and iPad. One app is the "Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games Free ∙ ABC alphabet phonics, letters tracing & learn to read app. Montessori educational English language approach in reading (crosswords, sounds, song, spelling blocks, flash cards) for toddler by Kids Academy" and it an be found here in itunes. Another app is the "Preschool and Kinderg

Clipboards, Glue Sticks, and Adhesive Putty - Shoplet Reviews

I don't know about you, but I can always find a use for a clipboard. And if it's a storage clipboard that's an added bonus. The SlimMate Storage Clipboard  is an excellent product. It's big enough to hold my notes, shopping lists, coupons, and pens. But it's slim enough to fit in an over-sized bag without taking up too much room. It also makes a perfect companion for Lil Man when traveling. Paper, pencils and small books fit nicely.  In addition to the storage clipboard, the Sauders Recycled Hardboard Clipboard   is also a great product. I love the small size. It fits nicely in my car where I can keep notes, receipts or coupons attached.  Speaking of attached, what it is about pre-schoolers and gluing things? My Lil Man loves to do art projects, and he loves to glue. The Sauders Color Glue Stic is an great choice. It's non-toxic, easy to use, and dries quickly. In addition to glue sticks, the UHU Glue N Style Pen is also a good choic

What I Saw Today

What I saw today: It was Lil Man's  first time at a water park, and he wanted to do the water slide. I was cautious and said "Are you sure?". He said yes. I helped him to the top of the slide, then I waited for him at the bottom. He looked so small up there all by himself. At the top are sprinklers that you go through. I watched as he sucked in as the cold water hit him, then I saw his eyes big as sauce rs as he was moving so very fast down the slide. He has never slid that fast before. He quickly wound up on his back, and when he got to the bottom he was submerged completely under water. I was there to grab him, but not before he was sputtering and choking on water. Once he caught his breath, he wiped the water from his eyes and croaked out "Again". And that he did, over and over and over.  We moved over to another section where there were water guns. He patiently waited his turn as another boy was using it. Once he moved away, Lil Man timidly said "My t