What I Saw Today

What I saw today: It was Lil Man's  first time at a water park, and he wanted to do the water slide. I was cautious and said "Are you sure?". He said yes. I helped him to the top of the slide, then I waited for him at the bottom. He looked so small up there all by himself. At the top are sprinklers that you go through. I watched as he sucked in as the cold water hit him, then I saw his eyes big as saucers as he was moving so very fast down the slide. He has never slid that fast before. He quickly wound up on his back, and when he got to the bottom he was submerged completely under water. I was there to grab him, but not before he was sputtering and choking on water. Once he caught his breath, he wiped the water from his eyes and croaked out "Again". And that he did, over and over and over. 

We moved over to another section where there were water guns. He patiently waited his turn as another boy was using it. Once he moved away, Lil Man timidly said "My turn?". I told him yes. After a few minutes of inspecting the water gun, a lady walked by. He blasted her full force in the eye. I watched as my son didn't discriminate against race, gender or age. He blasted everyone equally in the head, and squealed with them as they squealed. I think they were quite surprised that he was such a good shot.

We then moved on to the sprinklers that had timers. One went out. Lil Man leaned over and said "It come back?" I said. I don't know.. what do you think? He leaned over, his head just a few inches from the hole, as he watched. Then it came on. Sputtering he said "Yep, it came back".

And my heart swelled as all day he grabbed my hand and said "Do it with me Momma", cause I know there will come a day, far too soon for me, when that will change. But today, we ran through the sprinklers hand in hand.

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