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Cough, Snot, Puke, Repeat

Last week was not a week I care to repeat. And the first half of this week hasn't been so great either. I started last week off like most weeks - with a run.... and then things went downhill. (I Took A Step, I Felt The Pull, And Then the Pain). I limped around the rest of the day. Took Lil Man to pre-school on Tuesday. After pre-school we went to the Sports clinic where I was diagnosed with a Gastrocnemius Fascia Tear (Couda, Wouda, Shouda Won't Change My Injury). 

I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to maneuver with the boot while being outrun by Lil Man. Wednesday we had a playdate which was fun. But then Wednesday afternoon, Lil Man started running a low grade fever. And with this fever came a cough - a horrible, chest-rattling, this can't be good cough. As his cough increased so did the fever and the snot. We went through I don't know how many Boogie Wipes and tissues. (Not to mention the times that he swiped his nose on the furniture or his shirt, or my shirt.) 

He couldn't sleep for coughing. And he wouldn't get more than a few feet from me. I spent several nights with him sitting on a stool in the bathroom just so I could get a shower. Hubby tried. He tried playing with him, holding him, watching TV with him, just about anything that he could do to get Lil Man to give me just a few minutes of alone time to re-group. But Lil Man would have none of it. 

The fevers fluctuated, and by Friday we took Lil Man to the Dr. just to make sure his chest was ok. With his asthma, I really didn't want to take any chances. We were told it was viral and just keep pushing the liquids and the usual things you are told when someone is sick. 

Not long after we were home, Lil Man started coughing and puked. He puked several more times that day. I don't really think it was the stomach bug going around, but from all of the mucus and drainage. Regardless it was bad. I had puke in 3 different rooms. I'm in this stupid boot and unable to do the things that I need to do. I had puked soaked laundry, carpets, and a couch needing cleaned up.

This virus has been horrible, and I do mean horrible! By Sunday he had a 104.5 fever. I freaked. His fever has never been that high. I called the after hours emergency number for our pediatrician's office. I was told that it was still probably viral and just try to keep him hydrated. It was a long night, but his fever came down. By the next morning it was gone. His fever left for about 18 hours and .... then came back for another day or so. 

One very sick unhappy little boy
Seriously, this was one nasty bug. He has been fever free for about 48 hours, but he's still horribly congested with a terrible cough. But he has played today, and finally napped. So I think he's on the mend. 

Unfortunately, Hubby and I are now sick. 

'Tis the season right? 

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