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Shameless Self-promoting

I've spent part of my afternoon 'googling' trying to find out how to promote myself. Who does that?!? Seriously, who takes time out of their busy life to try to find a way to promote their blog/facebook fan page? (By the way, my fan page is Check it out and like it pretty please. ;)

I giggled like a little girl when I told my husband I got another 'like' - that makes 25 I said enthusiastically.  He looked at me like - what is wrong with you? He's probably thinking that I really shouldn't have taken all of those antihistamines yesterday. Maybe I am on a Zyrtec buzz.

But yesterday was rough rough rough with the allergies. At 10pm last night, I told my husband, "Listen, I took an Allegra this morning, 2 hours later with the pharmacist's ok, I took a Zyrtec. I'm thinking it's probably frowned upon for me to take another one, but I'm in bad shape. So I'm taking another Zyrtec. If something happens, tell the paramedics I took the 3 allergy pills within the same 24 hours."... And then I drifted off to sleep.

How do I feel today? I got up feeling like I was hit by an antihistamine bus. Wow, I'm pretty sure that's what hangovers feel like. But I've been sneeze free for most of the day. I still can't breathe, but it's better than yesterday. So tonight I will take (just the one) Zyrtec and hope that after it gets into my system, that it will help. I have a 10 mile run that I need to complete tomorrow.

Hubby went turkey hunting today. Lil Man and I played, and then cleaned the house. Yes, he vacuums. He's actually quite good at it.

Check out the Elmo shoes

So, he vacuumed while I cleaned the kitchen. I wiped down walls, cleaned the cabinets and even tackled the outside of the refrigerator. It's white again. The inside? Well, it can wait. I didn't want to be a total overachiever ;) 

But it was good to get the house cleaned up a little. Hubby came home with a turkey - YEAH! After he took care of his turkey cleaning duties, I made everyone lunch. 

Then I let the boys have some daddy/son time and I worked on my freelance work which was followed by 'googling' ways to promote myself. If case you forgot, the address to my facebook page is

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I'll giggle again if you 'like' me. :) 


  1. Lol! Please don't feel ashamed I googled the same thing last night!! I couldn't help but laugh when I read your post. I thought I was the only one! Thank you for sharing. :-) I like how your little man helps you clean. I'm pretty sure he was happy to vacuum just so he can push the loud rolling machine lol. And his shoes! Haha so cute!

    1. Well apparently I'm still not doing the promoting part right. I only have 27 likes.. LOL

      Glad to know I'm not the only one who googled ;)

  2. You are not the only one researching promoting by any stretch! I just liked you from my personal page. My blog page is here:

    I also followed you on Twitter.

    It will continue to grow, don't worry!

    BTW I had a rough time with Zyrtec. It always made me sleepy!

  3. Thanks.. I just liked you also! And YES the Zyrtec is making me very sluggish and sleepy! I'm giving it a few more days and then if the pollen is better, I'm getting off of it. I can't function at full capacity.


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