Not My Finest Moment

Well, today has not held my finest 'mommy' moments. It started off easy enough, but went to full speed frustrating very quickly. As I was trying to scrape bits of jelly out of the empty jar, to add to the peanut butter for Hubby's sandwich for lunch, Lil Man was demanding my attention. I gave him bread to munch on as I tried to get breakfast for him and lunch for Hubby while my neurotic dog was all in the mix.
I got Lil Man in his high chair and gave him his breakfast. Moments later, things went downhill quickly. I don't know if he's throwing food because his mouth hurts so bad from teething, or if he's testing his limits, or if it is both. But regardless it's a difficult situation sometimes.
Immediately after breakfast we leave to go get groceries. We have to go to two different stores and now is a good time to add that it was raining.
We get to the first store and thankfully it wasn't raining too bad. I had a blanket in the car and dried off the buggy. We went in and he's laughing and smiling at everyone. But near the end, I can tell he's getting tired. He wanted something in the cart so I let him have it. That lasted about 5 minutes before he realized he could toss it on the floor repeatedly. Finally we are done, make it through the check out, and yes you guessed it, it's raining fairly hard.
Lil Man has never seen an umbrella which means I've never used one with him. So here I am, trying to push a cart full of groceries, with a bouncing toddler while opening my umbrella. This is where my minor tragedy struck. I got my finger caught in the metal thing (where the umbrella attaches). I was stuck, as in I couldn't get it out. Finally I was able to push the metal back in and rip it out - here comes the blood. Oh, it isn't bad, but it's enough to make a mess. So here I am, bleeding, trying to hold an umbrella over my son's head while pushing a heavy cart full of groceries THEN the wind picks up. I wanted to scream "Seriously! Seriously! You have GOT to be kidding me". So the umbrella is blowing over, I'm weaving all over the parking lot like a drunk woman trying to push the buggy, keep Lil Man dry and keep the blood mess to a minimum.
We make it to the car, and I get him in his car seat. The groceries are soaked. I stand in the rain while I gather my cold items to put them in an insulated bag since we still have one more stop to make.
We drive to the next grocery store. By this time it's raining even harder. I get out and get Lil Man out of his car seat. I drop the car keys as soon as I pick him up. I'm on the verge of tears.
We finally make it in the store. I caved and let Lil Man have his pacifier. I usually only let him have it in the car and while sleeping. But I knew he was tired. I knew I was tired. So I let him have it. This is one of those stores where you have to bag your own groceries. So, after I've loaded the cart, unloaded the cart at the register, I now have to take my cart to the table and bag all of my groceries. It was at this moment that Lil Man decided he's had enough and keeps trying to climb out of the buggy. So I'm trying to keep him in the buggy while I try to bag my cart full of groceries.
Here we go, back out in the rain. At this point, we are without an umbrella. Remember the dropped keys? Well during all of that, the umbrella stayed in the car. Or I think it's in the car? For all I know it may be in the parking lot somewhere.
Lil Man is in the car. Groceries are in the car and we head home. Now, comes the unloading and putting everything away.  Once home, I put him in the pack n play so I can try to get everything done. He isn't happy, but I had too many things to take up and down the stairs. As I was putting groceries away, I kept smelling this horrible smell. What is that? Is that the garbage? Did the dog poop? Nope, Lil Man pooped.. sigh.. and when I say poop I mean massive, squished everywhere, stinky nasty poop.
So I get his diaper changed and now it's time for lunch. (yeah, not sure diaper changing to lunch is a great transition but this is my life). I cooked us a pizza that I had picked up at the grocery store. Lil Man didn't care much for it. Yep, he threw it. I got him a dairy cup and he ate that and dipped his pizza in it and then ate his pizza. At this point, if he will eat and not throw food, I'm fine with the mess of dipping food into things.
His mouth is all swollen from the molars. So I gave him some teething tablets and put him down for a nap shortly after lunch.  As I type this, I hear that he is awake already. This nap (the only nap of the day) didn't last nearly as long as I had expected.


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