I Hate Teething

hate loath teething. Other than the fact that my cute little guy looks adorable with his teeth and it helps him to chew his steak better (yes he eats steak - loves it), I hate every aspect of this teething process.
Being a first time Mom and all, everything is a new experience - yeah, I know, poor little guy. After four days of food throwing, crying when he tried to eat, crying when I took the food away, I finally got a glimpse in his mouth. I saw gums so swollen that I winced at the sight. DUH, no wonder he was crying when he tried to eat. Lots of applesauce and yogurt later, both of us were happier. This was molar #1, which is still only partially through. Both 'sides' are peeking through but the middle is yet to be seen.
Did I mention he is gagging himself to the point of puking? Oh yes, we can't leave out this little detail. He is trying to chew on his fingers that he keeps gagging himself (which he now thinks is FUN). On our way home from the gym last week, I heard him gagging himself. I tried to stop him, but 2 miles from our exit I heard the loud gag and the puking that followed. Sigh, let's hope this doesn't happen often.Now we are working on molar #2. As soon as I recognized the signs (he was slapping at his face, whining, throwing food but was still hungry), I immediately reached for the applesauce or yogurt. It worked last time, so it should work this time right? WRONG! He cried, threw the spoon, tried to knock the yogurt out of my hand. What's a Mom to do? I reached for the fruit snacks he enjoys, followed by some goldfish, then followed by yogurt. Apparently his mouth is sensitive to cold things at the moment. So here we progress with molar #2 which also has a flap of fleshing hanging down from where the tooth is trying to come through.
Today's lunch was non-existent. After attempts of pasta, even boiled egg (it's soft right?), we wound up with  2 packages of fruit snacks. Well I guess he got his vitamin C for the day.


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