Half Marathon Cheering Section

So I ran a Half Marathon on Saturday. Since the race started so early, and I am on the slower side, Hubby and Lil Man decided not to come to the start of the race, but to the finish. 
I knew they were getting there about 9am. I was probably around the double digit mark when I realized they were probably there waiting on me. It was a good feeling to know that they were there and it pushed me even harder not to quit. 
As I approached the finish line, the clock was my focus. I just wanted to cross the line - just cross the line. Then I heard it ... his squeal. Out of the music, the cheering and other noises around me, I heard my son's squeal when he saw me. My heart skipped a beat. I turned to my left to see their smiling faces. 
After crossing the finish line,  I couldn't get to my family fast enough! 


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