Squirrel Hunting, November 28

Today was fun. Instead of joining the crowded shopping malls, I decided to go hunting with HG instead. HG and I went up near State College squirrel hunting. I was surprised at how much snow was still on the ground there. I was a little nervous because we were meeting a friend of HG, and I’ve never hunted with anyone other than HG. I was worried that I would ‘miss’ too many times.

As we were walking over the snow covered path, Shorty started barking at something on the ground. HG knew what it was immediately, but I didn’t know what it was until he told Shorty to leave the raccoon alone. It was my first time to see a raccoon before (other than the occasional dead one on the highway). He was curled up and I didn't recognize what it was.

After a little while walking, we saw a squirrel. I told HG to get it as it was on his side. As he walked around the tree the squirrel moved, and I was able to take a good shot at it. They told me to go ahead and I did. With one shot, I got him. Once again though, he let out a squeal (sigh) – I got him in the rear. Hopefully in time I will perfect my aim.

But overall it was a fun day today. I'm glad that HG asked me to go hunting with him today.


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