Thankgiving Day 2008

So HG and I weren’t able to go see our families for Thanksgiving. He didn’t want me to cook and he said he’d take me to a buffet. Well, as he pulled up the restaurant, I was telling him that the writing looked Chinese/Japanese/something other than American. He decided we should go in anyway because he saw the ad in the paper that they would be serving Turkey. I glanced at the ad. It said a ‘seafood buffet would be also be serving Turkey’. When we walked in the smell hit me – fish and not in a good way. He still decided to check it out. The one turkey looked as though it had been picked clean by vultures. The smell was nauseating to me as I am not one who likes seafood. I told him it would be ok. I would just eat dessert or something. He said what do you want to do and I said we could stay. But as I looked around at all of the foreigners and the strange food, I told him could we please try somewhere else. We ended up at a country buffet and I finally got my turkey and buttered rolls. I missed my mom’s cooking - her turkey and dressing and desserts. But HG and I did have a good time and I did get ice cream after all.

After we ate, we went hunting. It was fun. I got one squirrel – he got two. I got frustrated as I definitely need to improve on my aim. But overall, HG and I had a good thanksgiving. Because even though I wasn’t able to see my family and spend time with them, I was happy to spend time with the love my life, my husband.


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