Winter Of All Winters

If you know me or have been following my blog, then you probably know that I'm from MS and currently live in PA. (and if you didn't know, well you do now :) And I love snow. I'm not a huge fan of driving in it (ok, so maybe I freak a little). But I love the white stuff. Come winter, I check the weather numerous times a day to see what the forecast is or if it's changed. And this Winter has been one to remember that's for sure. It seems like every week or every other we've had some snow. And this week, we got 10" on top of the snow that we already had. And we have more projected for this weekend.

My Lil Man loves the snow. And he loves watching his daddy with the snow blower. And he loves seeing the snow plow.  So this has been a fun Winter for him. And I'm glad. I had hoped we'd get a lot of snow this winter.

The downside is the school delays and closings. I will admit that hasn't been fun. How did I manage getting everything done before he was in preschool? He missed his Valentine's party this week. I'm assuming they'll make it up next week. I hope so. I think he'll be excited to have a party with his class. 

But I have to say, this Winter here in PA is one that we definitely won't forget. And I'm really glad. 

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