Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand Review


If you are like most households now-a-days, at least one member (if not more) of the family has a tablet. And as Lil Man is getting older, we are using our tablet more and more.

But one thing about our tablet that I didn't like was having to hold it all of the time, especially if I was watching a TV show or movie. It got very tiring very quick to hold the tablet through an hour long show or much less a longer movie.

But this little device, the Kantek Rotating Desktop Tablet Stand, has solved my problem with having to told the tablet. Check this out. It is a multi-angle, rotating tablet stand.

It's light, easy to fold, and easy to move from room to room. In addition to holding my tablet for viewing movies, it will also make reading recipes much easier. Because I can place my tablet on the stand, I can glance over and see my recipe without having to pick up my tablet to view it.

And another awesome part about the Kantek Rotating Desktop Table Stand is that Shoplet sells the Tablet stand for $19.99, and others sell it or $100. So if you are in the market for an awesome deal on office products, check out the Shoplet site.

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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