Choosing Natural Sweetness

Let's just say I fell off the wagon for a few days. It would have been ok, if I'd eaten sweets in moderation. And honestly, I won't even type here just how much sugar I've had the last few days over the holiday weekend. The reality is that it was a choice, and I CHOSE to eat the ridiculously huge amounts of sugar. I wasn't stressed. I wasn't eating from boredom or sadness or happiness. This wasn't an emotional eating binge. It was really just that I wanted the sugar. I chose to eat it, and then once I did, I continued to eat it.

And now I have another choice. I can beat myself up over and over, but what's done is done. I can throw in the towel, and just say forget it. Or I can begin again. I'm choosing the last option and beginning again.

I really do want to get healthier, and I would oh so love to be able to loose my gut (or some of it). And I know that sugar is a drug, an addiction, and a pleasure of mine. But I also need to remind myself that I finished a marathon. And for me to finish that it meant that I wanted it, and I wanted it bad. And I know that for me to succeed with eating healthier that if my desire is strong that I can have this too.

It's time to swap out processed sugar for some of nature's sweetness.


  1. eating healthy doesn't need to be an all or nothing thing. keep making healthy choice most of the time, and it won't be a big deal if you indulge on occasion. you're doing great! and i love the picture...

    1. Thanks. And thank you for the encouragement. You eat so healthy!

  2. I love this picture also. I might need to share this :)


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