Where to Begin - 47 Year Old College Student

I suppose I should start at the beginning....

I graduated High School in 1991. I didn't have the funds to pay for college, and I really didn't know what I wanted to do anyway. I considered Elementary Education, but the course catalog scared me. I remember seeing chemistry and thinking no way. So instead, I decided to go to the local community college. I earned an Associates of Applied Science in Computer Programming. Fast forward to 2004 when I started working for Mississippi State University... Since they paid for part of my tuition, I signed up for classes. Little by little I worked my way toward a Bachelor's degree. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (with a concentration in Business, Communication, and Geosciences).

Fast forward to fall of 2018 when I decided to step out of my comfort zone and become a substitute teacher. I found a passion that I didn't know existed.

I also found that being a substitute on a 'guest' teacher certification put me at a disadvantage.
Unless the teacher put me on his or her preferred list, I was pretty much the low man on the totem pole. (And sometimes being on the teacher's preferred list still didn't give me the opportunity to take the open job.) Those with an education certification got first dibs at the vacancies. I got whatever was left over. I also missed any 'planned' vacancies that teachers put in at the beginning of the year because I was removed from the system and had to wait in queue before I was reactivated.

This along with the prospects of some family changes, prompted me to consider going back to school for a degree in education.

Fast forward to May 2020.... Here I am finishing up my 1st semester at Mississippi State University as an Elementary Education major! Sure, I have my doubts. Am I too old? I mean I am 47 for goodness' sake. I'll probably be close to 50 by the time that I graduate. Is that too old to 'start' a career?

Maybe it is? Maybe it isn't?  Regardless, I suppose I'm going to find out.

Friends, don't let age define you. Don't let age stop you. Follow your passion and see where your journey takes you....

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