Blogging Isn't For The Thin-Skinned

Now let me say, if you enjoy blogging and never look at stats/numbers/apply for any type of product reviews or sponsored post, then maybe being thin-skinned is fine.

But if you ever apply for any sponsored posts or product reviews or generally (like me) get sucked into looking at performance, then I've learned that I often need thicker skin than what I have.

Rarely does google analytics make me smile. In fact, I've thought of giving up completely when I see just how little traffic can be.

But that being said, I enjoy this.. writing.. blogging.. sharing ideas.. my thoughts... so I continue on .. for now... and I'm focusing on the joy of it all instead of numbers. Quite often I allow numbers to dictate my mood... If you read my blog Will Run For Ice Cream then you are aware that I battle
the scale, and pace times can make me either smile or doubt myself. And quite honestly those numbers can steal your joy along with comparison.

And for me, in the blog community, it can be difficult not to compare. Instead however, I've decided to do my thing.. whatever that is. I'm still working on that part ;)

But I was reflecting back on my 9 or 10 years of blogging. I honestly don't know for sure when I started. I think it was around 2007 when I got married. I supposed I could look through the archives and find out for sure. But the point is, since I began blogging, I have learned a lot about myself. I've learned a lot about social media. I'm still learning. It's always changing, and you have to move along with the flow or you risk getting stagnant.

For anyone curious about starting a blog, I say go for it. Keep in mind you are one fish among many. I would encourage you not to get hung up on rankings and numbers, but instead enjoy the journey. Learn from your mistakes and keep on keeping on.

I'm still finding my 'voice', but the thing that I keep reminding myself is that I have a voice ... how do I want to use it?

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