Putting Pen To Paper

Before anyone gets confused, yes this is the same Amy from Will Run For Ice Cream.

I've had two blogs for quite some time now. I tried to combine the two, but I had a hard time because one is more fitness related (Will Run For Ice Cream) and this blog Today's Words of Glass is often considered a 'mommy' blog... although I feel that it's more diverse and in the future plan to try to branch out even more from 'mommy blog' status.

At some point, the two blogs may intertwine into one, but for now I'm keeping them separate. I know that a lot of you don't care to read about fitness/running and so forth. Just like some people that enjoy the fitness side of what I have to say might not necessarily care to read what happens on this blog.

Sooooooooo after that long drawn out explanation, yes I'm the same person that you will see at both blogs. And if you follow me on one, you might enjoy following me on the other as they are different. (Sign up via email)

But I've been thinking a lot lately about goals and well my dreams (The Woman I Know I Can Be), and I know that if I ever want to see where those dreams can take me, that I need to put some action behind them.

So today, as I sat on my deck (mocha latte in hand) I started writing out some ideas, thoughts and goals. I'm not sure where those ideas will take me, but I do know for sure that if I don't try they will take me to the land of nowhere. And I know that I personally want to try.

I often get discouraged because it feels that no one else shares my goals. Well duh, I don't need anyone else to share my goals. They aren't their goals, they are MY goals. So here I go... succeed or fail... I'm going to try.....

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