Chris Tomlin Good Good Father

I was asked by FlyBy promotions to help spread the word about this song and event. My opinions are truly my own. 

Have you heard this song - Good Good Father? It's a really powerful song. I encourage you to take a moment and check out the embedded video below. 

Here is a short description from Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett about Good Good Father. 

We all have a picture of who we think God is. When we get down to the foundation of what we believe, the truth is that God is exactly who He says He is – a good, good Father.

I love this song. Being a parent, it really resonates with me. From a musical standpoint, I find the tune and lyrics to be one that is easy to sing along and let myself get lost in. 

And for anyone interested, you can use this link to win a flyaway for 2 to see Chris Tomlin at the closest Worship Night in America. 

You can download Good Good Father from itunes here 

And if you want to hear the story behind the song, you can find that here

Lil Man and I love listening to music together, and he also enjoyed the video. I hope you enjoy it also. 

Oh, it's love so undeniable 
I, I can hardly speak
Peace so explainable 
I, I can hardly think
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