The Blizzard of 2016 - A Sense Of Community

If you know me at all, then you know that I LOVE snow. I mean I love love love it. Growing up in Mississippi, we didn't get snow. And that's one thing about Pennsylvania that I really love is the chance of snow.

I watched the weather forecast like I was waiting for a child to be born ha. Yes, I'm serious. And as the snow started to fall south of me, I was super jealous that I didn't have snow where I was.

But as the night went on, I was up every couple of hours checking the amounts. And by morning, we had substantial snow.

As the day went on, the snow kept accumulating. 

We watched it snow all day.

And I couldn't believe the accumulation. 

This was my last measurement, but it wasn't the end of the snow. We wound up getting around 30" or so. But by this point, we had to get outside and start trying to remove some of it. Our cars were buried. Everything was buried.

We were also a little concerned about the roof. So Hubby tried to get off what he could. 

Of course we had fun with sledding and snow angels and all of the fun things that snow can bring. 

But we also had to deal with roads being closed.  Although PennDot did a great job with getting the main roads drive-able , the secondary roads were a mess as the townships did their best with trying to remove what they could. 

School was closed Monday, then Tuesday, then a delay the following day. Finally by Thursday (almost a week after the snow came) school was 'back to normal'. 

But there are mounds of snow everywhere. The roads (especially for this Southern Girl) are a little slick in spots with ice from refreezing.

But after 4-5 days in the house, Lil Man and I had major cabin fever. Trust me, preschool was a welcome relief today. I know he was happy to see his friends, and I was happy to get a moment to breathe. 

But one thing that I have learned is that snow also brings with it a sense of community. It's not uncommon to look out and watch neighbor help neighbor with snow removal, or whatever is needed. I think that's one thing other than the beauty of snow that I really love. 

At times, I've struggled with feeling isolated here. But helping my neighbors, and watching the community come together warms my heart. And I love how it teaches Lil Man to think of others before thinking of himself. And I love how it feels like home

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  1. We had that blizzard as well. Our school went back yesterday.


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