Forgive Me

I don't want to be her - that woman I saw at the gas station. Her chid was smiling, but her face (the mom) was one of exhaustion, frustration, irritation and hurry. She lightly pushed her kid toward the car with a 'come on'. I imagine she had a million and one things to get done today. Maybe she was sick and not feeling well. Maybe she'd been up all night. Maybe her day had just been extra hard. 

But God I don't want to be her yet it was like watching myself. I saw myself as she tried to smile at her cute kid drinking her treat, but the mom's face is one that I've noticed in the mirror far too often.

I prayed for her, and then I prayed for forgiveness - for complaining when I have a beautiful child to complain about - for getting aggravated at my messy house when I have a messy house to clean - for moaning and groaning about being sick when I am alive to be able to get sick - for getting frustrated at my husband when I have been blessed with a loving and caring man in my life. The list goes on and on. 

You see, I was going to wait and get gas after I picked up Lil Man - but the gas light came on - so I stopped - and I saw her and in turn I saw myself. 

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to stop, ask forgiveness and be thankful.


  1. We definitely all have bad days! God knows and sees our struggles and understands when we fail at reacting the way we should. And yes, I think He sends us reminders of how we look when we don't get our way or we are just so tired. I'm glad He loves us anyway!

  2. Beautifully written, Amy. Wishing I wasn't sitting at Tae Kwon Do, because I just want to cry after reading that. Love you!

    1. Thank you.. I was pretty emotional as I was writing it.

  3. Amy wow, not only are those words of wisdom but they true words one only gets when they live them. I am at a loss other than hang in there paratrooper, You my friend are a great inspiration.


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