EcoFFICIENT Paper Review From Shoplet

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

I have always been someone who goes through a lot of printer paper. And now that Lil Man is older, I think I'm using even more. There are tons of printouts for activities, and I'm finding myself printing more and more. 

Thankfully, I've come across HP's EcoFFICIENT Paper from  When I heard about EcoFFicient paper, I wasn't really sure about the quality. I expected the paper to be super thin and basically see-through. 

So I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the trial pack to see that although the paper felt a little thinner than standard paper, it didn't seem to compromise the quality. I printed an 8x11 photograph, and the quality was just as good (with the naked eye) as using standard paper. 

However, the EcoFFICIENT paper is more efficient. And I love that up to 125 sheets can fit into the printing tray - which is great of me. I feel like I am always having to go to the printer and re-fill it with paper. I know when I worked in an office setting that it felt like I was always having to refill the printer or copier. 

Also, a plus side of it being thinner than standard copier paper, is that it takes up less room in binders. So it is easier to file and store. 

Overall, I was well pleased with the quality of HP's EcoFFICIENT paper. For this product along with any other office supply needs that you may have, check out for their great selection of office supplies

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