Where There Is A Will - Raising A Strong Willed Child

I'll come clean - I like things my way, done my way and in the time frame that I want them done. I'm working on changing and being more flexible, but let's get real, it's not going to happen overnight.

So I shouldn't be surprised that Lil Man is cut from the same cloth. (I might add that although Hubby probably denies it, he also likes things done in his way and his time frame also. I do think though that his time frame is a little slower than mine. I tend to want things done now verses later). But Lil Man being 3.5 can definitely be a little strong-willed at times.

And these last couple of weeks, it's been battles over the little things - like getting dressed - time to leave the house - time for bed - what he doesn't want to eat etc. I think you get the picture. And by the end of the day it can truly be exhausting (Can I get an amen?)

And does anyone else feel a little inadequate at times? I mean, I'm helping my son learn how to cope with situations, understand his feelings, express his feelings, follow rules, and make his own decisions.

Apparently I've been using 1,2,3 a lot because our dog Tula was whining. Lil Man told her to stop. She didn't. He pointed his finger at her and said "One!"

I first tried positive re-enforcement and that so far hasn't worked. In my long 3.5 years of motherhood, ;) I have found that every child  is different. What may work for one, might not work for another. I've also found that it's ALWAYS changing. What worked yesterday might not work today - or Hubby can use one method, and I can't.

I am finding that consistency is the key. Be consistent and follow through.

At first I was concerned at my son's strong-willed personality, but then I came to understand that just because he is strong-willed doesn't mean that's a bad thing. Because he can use his strong-willed determination to reach his own goals and be passionate about important things in his life.

Just as Lil Man is learning about life - so am I. Each day is a day full of learning as a Mom. I'm learning that it's important to pick your battles, it's also important to step back and breathe.

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