Weekend Re-Cap - Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

Normally on the weekend, since Hubby works through the week, Lil Man will spend a lot of time with Daddy outside working on projects. Lately they've been working on building a wood shed.

But this last weekend, Hubby took a break from working on the wood shed to brew beer, which is one of his hobbies. I know that Lil Man likes to help his Daddy, but I also know that sometimes Daddy needs his time to do 'his thing' too without a little helper around. 

So after my 6 mile run, I took Lil Man to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. I had no idea that it would be as crowded as what it was. But it was a beautiful day. It was Saturday. So I should have known it  would be super crowed. 

But we had a fun day (in spite of having to wait in super long lines for the safari - but worst of all waiting for food).  Lil Man loved the safari tour. And he loved feeding the animals. Oh, and don't forget the playground. He had to play on everyone. (There were three.)  We missed not having Daddy with us though. But I am glad that Hubby got a little time (that he never seems to get) to do something he wanted to do. 

After several hours at the park, we finally made it back home where Hubby was just finishing up his beer brewing. And just in time for Lil Man to help Daddy with cleaning up things with the water hose ;) 

After such a busy weekend. (I ran 15 miles yesterday), we decided to spend some time at home today. Lil Man is playing with his toys. I am doing lots of - surprise surprise - laundry. 

We are definitely trying to squeeze some last summer fun! 

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