End Of The School Year - Memories

Can you believe it? That it's the end of the school year. It just seems like yesterday that I couldn't believe that I was leaving my baby at preschool (And We Survived), and now I'm moaning the blues that next week is the last day of our school year.

This year has truly been a learning experience for both Lil Man and me. We (both) have grown so much over this last school year. I can't put into words how proud I am of my little boy - how he's overcome his fears to walk into that classroom full of strangers. He's becoming his own little person. And although we at times crash head on over stubborn will, and demanding things be done a 'certain' way, he is truly a pleasure in my life.

I worry, as Moms worry about their children. And I'm finding that from the moment I knew his precious life was in my body, that I will always worry for his safety, for his happiness, and for all things that parents worry about.

And I'm also finding that I can't always shield him from hurt, such as when he went Easter egg hunting and because he held back, all of the eggs were gone before he could get any. The pain is still sharp in my heart seeing his fallen face and he kept saying 'eggs gone. eggs gone'. It pricks my heart to think back on that memory. And I know in the big scheme of things, there will be many more hurts, far greater than this, that I won't be able to shield him from.

I remember one particularly trying day. Lil Man was just not cooperating on any level. I was trying to grocery shop. It was pouring down rain. He wouldn't put his legs through the cart, and I was about to reach my breaking point. This elderly lady looked at me and said "Cherish it. There is no other time in your life that he will love you more than right now" I don't know that lady. I don't know her personal story. I just remember the sadness and emotion in her eyes when she told me this. It's stuck with me.

What a blessing God has given me...

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