Tantrums, Hair Cuts, Movies and Donuts

It's funny how single words can sum up my life lately. Some days I can define my entire day by only using one word. TANTRUM. Pretty much no other words are needed to describe how the day was if Hubby asks about my day, and all I say is tantrum. Yep, that pretty much means Lil Man was in toddler tantrum mode continuously which may or may not have resulted in me eating large quantities of chocolate and longing for a pint of Ice Cream.

Hair Cut - the fact that Lil Man is old enough to sit in the chair (without crying) to get a hair cut evokes a range of emotions for me. Pride that he was well behaved. Sad that he's no longer a baby. Happy that he's becoming such a unique little person.

Movies - Lil Man has discovered Disney movies and the Polar Express. He calls it the 'train movie'. And he wants to watch it continuously. "Stop the train" he yells during the movie. He is also fascinated with Toy Story 2 (for some reason he likes it better than the 1st one). And I believe he's a Buzz fan over Woody. Although he enjoys watching Woody look for his hat. 

Donuts - My child loves all things sweet. I have NO idea where he gets this from ;) But he loves donuts (the white ones), yep the powdered sugar ones. And since today is Fastnacht day, his school had some in the little cafe in the lobby. And yep, he went straight for the 'white' one. (Fingers crossed he wasn't on a total sugar high for his teachers). 

But simple words can contain a day's worth of memories and emotions especially to this stay-at-home mom to an (almost) 3 year old. 

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  1. what is it with boys and their donuts? My lil one could eat an entire bag of those powdered sugar bombs!

  2. It's a sign of maturity that your boy could stay still at the hair dresser's. Enjoy these days, because it will come a time when you'll realized that time has flown very fast.


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