Do You Eat Granola? Ladera Granola Review

As many of you know, I'm branching out with my trying healthier foods and different food choices. I'm trying to move away from processed items such as pretzels and other crackery overly processed snacks. And I came across Ladera Granola. Their slogan is "We're nuts about natural." So I decided to give it a try.

Let me say, that I'm not usually a granola eater. I'm truly not. And I'm not really a fan of oats or well let's be honestly most things that say whole grain. Hey, just being truthful here. But after reading about the company and the fact that their mission is to promote active living and healthy diets, I decided to put my snobbish idea of whole grain oats away and give Ladera Granola a try.

The first thing that I noticed was that it contained pecans and almonds. The second thing that I noticed was the aromatic delicious smell. I took a tentative bite, which was then followed by a handful. I liked it. I liked the texture. I liked the taste. I felt the combination of pecans, almonds, oats, and spices were just the right amount.

I then shared some with Hubby who also shared my opinion that this granola was delicious.

In addition to being delicious, the packaging is also 100% recyclable. And as far as nutrition goes, a quarter cup is 150 calories, only 4 grams of sugar, contains 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber. I'm by no means a nutritionist, but in my opinion, for me, this would be a better snack than a less healthy overly processed crackery snack. And I'm finding that granola is very versatile.

Ladera granola will make a great addition to my greek yogurt.

So if you've never given granola a fair chance, I suggest you do. Do keep in mind though that a serving size is a quarter cup. And if you are already a fan of granola, I really recommend giving Ladera Granola a try as it tastes great and is without preservatives or cholesterol.

Full Disclosure: I received products free of charge for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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