Zaggora, Have You Heard Of Them?

Zaggora HotPants... have you heard of them? 

I was intrigued by the idea of wearing clothes that would help me lose weight. So I decided to give Zaggora HotPants a try. 

I liked the way that they fit, but the downside is that the material (think wet-suit) that they are made of makes a noise when walking. So I didn't test them out at the gym, although I think I probably would wear them to the gym. I didn't think the noise was that bad. But I've only used them at home. 

I used them while walking on the treadmill and strength training. But I also put them on while I was doing housework. And I have to say that as far as 'hot' goes, these pants live up to their name. Within minutes I was sweating. And after wearing them for half an hour, I was drenched by the time that I took them off. 

Did I lose tons of inches? Um.. no... but I think true weight lose has to do more with diet than just exercise or wearing certain clothes. Did my stomach feel more toned after wearing them? Yes, for about 5 minutes after I took them off, and then it went back to normal. Do I think I burned more calories? I think I did especially when I wore them while doing normal daily activities. 

I'm not convinced that these pants are the miracle pants for weight loss, but I'd wear them. And I liked how they made me sweat while doing lower intensity activities.  

Full Disclosure: Zaggora provided me with a free pair of HotPants for the purpose of providing a review. My opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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