All It Takes Is Once

Did I mention that two weeks ago, Lil Man got sick, and because of his asthma, and it was a bad chest cold, and his breathing wasn't the best, and he was all off of his sleep schedule and crying because he didn't want to go to his bed, that I caved.. as in... let him get in bed with us. I knew then that we would have repercussions for this, but at the time it just seemed like the best (and easiest) thing to do. (Insert dramatic music here

Two weeks later... he's still getting into our bed. At first we had the struggle of him not wanting to go to his bed at all. Finally after a few nights of struggling, we got him to at least start off sleeping in his bed. But every night since that first night he's got in our bed. 

Basically if he wakes up, he cries  momma or daddy or both and we go and check on him. He of course wants in our bed. We of course are exhausted so we let him. And at first although it wasn't ideal, at least we could get a little sleep. (However, I'm one of those that once I get woke up, I will lay in bed for a couple of hours before I can fall back to sleep. So that was an issue). But it was kindof cute to look over and see him all snuggled next to Hubby, or he'd put his arm around my neck and snuggle close. I couldn't help but think that he won't be little like this long and to cherish it. 

But for the last couple of nights, Lil Man has wanted to toss and turn and 'talk' at 1:30am. So the, 'oh he's so cute' is starting to become 'this isn't so much fun'.  

I made a little bed for him on the floor in our room with the hopes of getting him to sleep there if he needed to come into our room in the middle of the night, but it's turned cold here. And the floor is super cold. There is no way I can let him sleep on the floor. So basically we have this little bed on our floor that we've been walking around all week because no one has had the time to pick it up and put it away. 

I know they make clocks (and I may try one of those). And naptime he sleeps in his bed. I think it's that he wakes up in the night (and the time varies) and once he's wake he wants us. 

I'm not really sure how I'll handle this yet. We've done the crying it out thing - not fun - not fun at all. And honestly, I don't think I want to tackle that right now. But then again, if I continue to let this go on and on, won't it just be harder to break the habit? 

I know I should have stood firm and once he was over being sick, got him back to his routine. But truthfully, I was really sleep deprived. Hubby and I both were. So we took the easy way out... and I'm hoping we haven't set ourselves up for a very long road ahead. 

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  1. Hello Amy, I went through the same exact thing, but what I did was when my daughter called me in the middle of the night I would go to her room tell her Mommy is here, give her a hug, kiss her and then say Mommy is here, but in her room. I never took her out of her bed. It took about 2 nights, but we're back on track. I on the other hand wake up thinking I heard her, but she is fully asleep. LOL.

    1. Yeah... we should have done that. Now our new routine is that he gets in our bed. Yep, happened again last night :(


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