Preschool - I'm Not Ready

In just a few short weeks, Lil Man will start pre-school. I'm not ready. When I signed him up, I thought I was ready. But the truth is, I'm not. I'm not ready for him to move on to this next phase in his life. I'm not ready to move on the the next phase in my life as his life changes so does mine.

I freaked out when the school calendar came out. I suppose it was that moment when I realized that he was really about to go to pre-school. (on a side note, I freaked out a little with knowing that I will have to keep up with yellow day, camping day, orange day and the list goes on and on). What if my kid is the only one who shows up with the wrong color shirt?!?  And apparently I'm neurotic enough to worry about those things.

But ever since the school calendar posted online, I've shed a lot of tears. I have been bombarded with an abundance of emotions. In fact, I haven't really had time to try to sort out everything that I'm feeling. I just know that there is a lot going on inside my brain right now!

On a totally different note, Lil Man and I decided to make Hubby a peach cobbler today. Lil Man had a blast. When he saw the rolling pin, he had to get in there. We had flour everywhere. :)

He is definitely growing up way too fast. 


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