Diapers Are My Friend - A First Time Mom's Adventures In Potty Training Part 2

Judge me, hate me, you're just not going to make me potty train my kid when we aren't ready.

Diapers are my friend.

Lil Man has been showing signs that he might be ready to potty train. But after a couple of days of lots of 'uh ohs' and the fact that he's starting to get frustrated, I've decided we aren't ready. Or maybe I'm just not ready? He's my baby. He's growing up. And maybe I'm just not ready for him to be potty trained? Or maybe, the truth is that diapers are just easier at this point.

Regardless of the reason, the big boy underwear are back in the drawer. And the 'reward' M&Ms are now Mommy's snack. And we won't be doing the M&Ms again. Lil Man had a complete meltdown over getting (1) M&M. I knew better, but I thought, well that's what so many people say to use. So we tried. And yes, it was a TOTAL disaster. He went pee pee in the potty, and when he got just 1 M&M he went full blown meltdown on me. And come to think of it, he has refused to potty since.

I guess it would be like someone telling me I could have one bite of ice cream. So I have to say that I can see his point of view.

Regardless, potty training has been put on the back burner for now. This first time Mom has decided that diapers are where we are for now!


  1. You should never feel pressured to potty train based on what other people say, or other people do. As a mom of four, I can say first hand that potty training will be a lot easier when you are both ready for it. So take a deep breath and enjoy the diapers.
    Kimbra @ Mommys Rambles


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