And He Locked Me Out

Today has been a trying day. I started the day off with a 7 mile run at 5:30am with a friend. That part was great, except that he is moving and this run would be our last early morning run.

But then Lil Man had speech at 9:30am, and I totally forgot that Lil Man's service coordinator was coming. My house wasn't in the best shape (and neither was I). I had on some ratty clothes. And to top it off, Lil Man didn't cooperate. This was one of the worst sessions we've had in awhile.

After his session, I walked them out to their car. As I turned around to come back in, I saw a laughing Lil Man at the front door. Yep, he'd locked me out - sigh. So there I stood outside, barefoot, and locked out of my house in front of his speech teacher and service coordinator. Double sigh.

Currently, he's eating pretzels while I type this and we watch Sprout. I'm hoping for a decent nap from him this afternoon. I have freelance work to do, but I also need some down time myself.

There is truly never a dull moment with this kid of mine.


  1. LOL this entire conversation happened with my daughter and myself back in the day. Good times! LOL


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