Packaged Clean Eating

I'm sure for a lot of you your diet/lifestyle is a work in progress. I know mine is. I've had some great days, and I've had some 'eating everything that contains sugar' days.

For the last couple of days, I've eliminated 'sweets' other than natural sweets and one cheat food. I'm allowing myself to eat Dole Banana Dippers as my evening snack. I'm not a huge fan of banana, but it's giving me that little something 'sweet' instead of a candy bar.

Don't get me wrong, I'm allowing myself some sweets in moderation. This week, Lil Man and I will be going to Hershey. I'm going to eat some chocolate while we are there. I have to create a lifestyle that I can be happy with. Totally eliminating all chocolate/ice cream from my diet just isn't something that I desire to do at the moment. That being said, I am trying to create a healthier lifestyle where I eat more fruits and veggies and eat more 'clean' foods. We are a family who eats a lot of processed food. I'm trying to move us away from that mindset.

I came across this article in Prevention Magazine that I thought was interesting. It lists the 100 Cleanest Packaged Food Awards.

I'm learning that this healthy eating is a lot like my journey with running. It's a process. You have good days. You have some not so good days. But you just keep moving forward. 


  1. I'm trying to get our house to eat healthier clean less processed junk to. It's definitely a challenge sometimes. I'm a big sweets person to.

    1. Some days it's a REALLY big challenge for me.


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