Cleaning Eating.. The Journey Continues

Well, so far so good with the decision to change my eating habits. After just a couple of days of eating more fresh fruits and veggies, I've have less of a desire to snack on processed foods.

Looking up some info about Clean eating really helped me be more informed about the subject. To read some tips that I found, and my post over the weekend click here (Clean Eating - The Journey Begins)

For the first time in my life, I bought Kale yesterday. I had to google and ask friends what I was supposed to do with it.
Image Source: WebMd

I plan to make some Kale chips this evening. I'll let you know how it goes ;) 


  1. I hope they go better for you than they did for me :) I'm told there are different kinds of kale. Maybe I just got the yucky kind! hahahaha I can only eat it in soup, when it's been cooked a LOT, but I have a lot of weird eating/texture issues.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog hop today!

  2. This might make you laugh...


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