When Is My Kid Going To Talk?

Last week was an emotional week for me. Lil Man is making some progress with his speech, but I worry. It's my nature to worry. I'm a first time Mom. And I listen to too many people. So naturally, when the child care worker at the gym inquired about my son's lack of speech. I began to worry even more.

Thankfully, he had his session with his speech 'teacher' that day. She walked in. I looked her in the eye, and said give it to me straight. And I think she did. At this point, we feel that it's just a speech delay and that he will get there. He's not yet two. He is making progress every week in some way.

So basically, I just need to continue working with him, but I need to relax. If you know me, you know the hardest part of that statement is 'relax'. I can do many things. Relaxing isn't one of my strong character traits.

But yesterday, as I was in the bedroom, I heard him running down the hall yelling what sounded like 'Come!'. Today he has repeatedly said 'Me' and pointed at items when he wanted something. So I'm trying to take comfort in the progress. He is jabbering more. We don't understand what he's saying, but he is definitely trying to communicate or tell us a story. This is progress.

As I looked over today, saw black goo on his mouth and chin, he looked up and said 'yuck'. Yes, I imagine that trying to eat Play Doh was a little bit yuck.

He might not be signing songs or telling me what sound the cow makes.

But he is learning in his way, in his time how to tell us what he needs. I'll take this as progress.


  1. Each child is different and it's difficult when it's the first child, because, you are looking around for comparisons. Both of my kids were preemies so we were looking for delays and found them. Like you, I was very proactive. Something an early intervention specialist told us to do was have him suck milkshake through a straw. This helps build up the muscles in the mouth. It's simple and it does work. You are a great Mom.

    1. Thank you! It was exactly what I needed to hear today.


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